advice on tribex 500?

alright, i know the topic of teens and tribex has been played to death but i need some advice. Im going on 18, im 5’11", 165lbs., i have been lifting for about 3-4 years, and i have a stable diet and routine. i dont want to take pro-hormones or anything so i was considering tribex. However, i keep hearing to many mixed stories to make a decision. I’ve heard some teens say it works and they liked it. I hear some of the older more experienced people say it’s a waste and your t-levels are already high. Yet others say t-levels dont peak untill your 20’s and its ok to take tribex now. Well, what’s true? No offense to the other teens, but ide rather take someones word who has more experience. I know i dont know as much as them. So i’m looking for some feedback. Can anyone help me out? sorry if this just annoyed you and pissed you off. thanks

Don’t do it man. Your hormones are already racing at your age. No need to mess with them.

Hi Gibson.

Most of the time, Tribex doesn’t produce much of a response in teenage guys. That’s been the consensus more or less across the board for the last three years or so. For older guys (35+), it’s great. I personally like it a lot myself. But for younger guys it doesn’t seem to do much.

That said, there’s always some exception to the rule, and you’re never going to know about your particular case unless you give it a shot yourself.

I think that it’s great that you’re giving yourself time to develop without going straight into the whole prohormone thing; you’ll probably get better results in the long run from this approach. But if you want to try something other than prohormones to get better progress, here’s my list of recommendations:

First, are you eating enough calories to accomplish your goals? This is the number one priority, and nothing else is going to happen until you get this right, even if you did take prohormones.

Second, are you getting enough protein? This is number two. You can’t build muscle without it.

If both one and two are okay, then I’d recommend taking Surge if you’re not already doing so. And if you’re already on that then I’d say Methoxy would be your best bet.

Hope this helps.

I’m not sure if you’ll get any definitive answer on that question. As I understand it, Tribex tweaks your current levels of T by increasing LH. As a young person, your T levels are probably pretty high. They’ll continue to be for a few more good years.

I’m 31, and I have my cupboard stocked full of the product.

To borrow a line from the General in Wargames. “Goddammit, I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good!”

Tribex 500 was my first hormonal supplement, I took it when I was 18 in the summer after graduating high school. I definitely liked it, I gained what was at the time a lot of muscle and definitely leaned out. I’d say go for it, but just so you know for me it was a “gateway” supp. First I never wanted to do anything to mess with my hormones, then I tried tribex 500 a couple times, then mag-10, then transdermals, and I’m probably about two or three months away from my first gear cycle. Results are addicting!

Gibson: Char-dawg gave you some great advice. Lots of food and protein with a solid training program are all you really need right now. Throwing in surge during and post workout will probably do more for you than tribex at this point. As Char mentioned, tribex is great for us +35 guys, but I don’t know that it will do much for a young guy like yourself. Best of luck with your goals.

thanks guys, i appreciate it. I will probably just up my calories and maybe methoxy or something. I’ll give that awhile and see where i am. No sense buying something else if i have to work on the basics.

What age is appropriate to start taking things like mag-10? I’m 21 right now and was thinking of doing my first mag-10 cycle in january because my gains have really slowed down. I started off about 2 months ago at 5’5 125 lbs, 11% bf, gained 12 lbs the first month using lots of protein shakes/surge/tribex but over the past 3 weeks I’ve only gained 1 lb. My calories each day range from 3800-3900 which is approx 600 above my daily maintenance according to Massive Eating. I’m starting up the ABBH program next week and hopefully that’ll jump start my gains again. Would it be harmful to start a mag-10 cycle?

I never recommend pro-hormones or steroids to anyone unless they are:

done growing
not done growing but happy with their height (stupid!)
and know what they’re doing with training and nutrition, but that’s another subject.

For reference, some people continue to grow until age 24. That’s the simple answer. If you research it, you’ll find that some “full-on” steroids do not inhibit growth (height).

Jason: I don’t know that it would be harmful, but I think you would get more out of the mag-10 if you waited a little longer. I would do the ABBH without it, keep the calories up and then see where you’re at.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll see where I am after ABBH. Actually I am done growing as far as height is concerned. I had some medical issues when I was younger (11/12 yrs old)and was taken to several endochronologists who did bone scans and other tests. By 16 they told me I was done growing. My height hasn’t changed since then. My parents decided against giving me growth hormone injections unfortunately. When I turned 18 I checked on my own with another doctor to see if I could still get them because I’d like to be taller but he too told me my bones were fused and I was done growing so that’s why I’m not worried about the height issue. Are there any other concerns with prohormones other than that if they’re properly cycled etc?

Tribex makes me wanna ram pine all day long…so does a soft wind.