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Advice on TREN 200

I have a friend who has Tren 200, it is half Tren Ace and Half Parabolan…

Anyone have experience with this? He says it’s mean and stings like a beyatch. Ha!

Thanks in advance.

Tren Ace/Para (it won’t really be Negma Parabolon, if it is real, it will be tren with the hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ester attached) sounds like a bit of an unnecessary creation to me, because hex is a longer ester, but you are still going to have to be shooting it every day, because of the ace ester, and the only real reason for a high concentration of hormone is monetary or to shoot a higher volume. The volume of tren you will be shooting will almost certainly not necessitate your “needing” 200mg/ml (it is usually test blends like 350 or 400 where this starts to become helpful, when guys want to be shooting over a gram a week without 5ml ED injections, yikes!), and though the price may be nice, the trouble that comes with the two different ester lengths kind of cancels out the benefits of one over the other. Also I wonder if it is really “parabolon” (tren hex), which costs more than twice what tren ace powder costs which is FUCKING expensive! Anyway, it could be a great product, all of this is JMO.

Thanks Bro, much appreciated!

Thanks Bro, much appreciated!