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Advice on Training, What Am I Missing?


Pretty much follow Joe Defranco's West-side training, but ive tweaked it..

Monday: Upper Body
Dumbbell Bench 12-9-6-4
superset*fly's 3x12
* close/neutral grip pull downs 12-9-6-4
superset*One arm dumbbell row 3x9
*shoulder press (military or dumbbell) 3x12

Tuesday: Dynamic lower
Depth Jumps 12-10-8
Calves 3x24
Overhead tricep press
superset* Bulgarian split-squat OR lunges 4x12
* dumbbell squat & press 4x12

Wed: Cardio

Thursday: Upper Body
Incline dumbbell bench 15-12-9-9
superset* lat pull down 9-9-6-6-4
*shoulder work raises or seated DB power clean 3x12
superset* neutral grip row 9-6-6
* wide grip bench 3x12

Friday: Heavy Legs
superset* Squat 12-12-10-6-12
* biceps 9-6-6
superset* deadlift 9-9-6-6-4
* dips 20-15-12

Sat/Sun: Light Cardio or Rest

obviously had some time on my hands to type this out... would appreciate feedback. Making some awesome gains on this current program, but curious as to know if there is something i could do better [naturally :slight_smile: haha ]
current "maxes" : DB bench: 120lbs x 6 == lat-pull: 255lbs x 4 == squat: 315x8 == deadlift: 315lbs x 6
5'11, 190lbs 18%BF


What exactly do you want us to say? lol

If you're getting good results from it, why make the thread?


you are missing good music.


do some sort of barbell bench variation on upper body days mabey


striving for perfection?


there is no perfect routine just what works for you someones definition of perfect may be different from yours


No such thing as a "cookie cut" perfect routine, everyone's routine changes in some form or another over time (based on their own body's feedback)...finding a "base plan" is good enough to start with (adding the meat), and keep at it until you feel there needs to be a change in focus.

Even if there does need to be a change made, it doesn't necessarily mean turning everything upside-down and searching out the next great guru for his best routine.

You'll know more about what needs to be done after spending a year or so on that routine than anyone else in here - it's called listening to your body.

Ironically, in spending most of my time as a newer trainee trying to find the "perfect routine", I could have been miles ahead if I'd concentrated on what matters more - diet, recovery, adding the next 5lbs to the bar, listening to my body etc.


Well said, I couldn't agree more


My advice would be, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, do a bodybuilding program. One that does not include "depth jumps" and "bulgarian split squats".

Defranco's westside is for athletes. Not bodybuilders.


i've been training for almost 7 years, since freshman year of high school, started defranco's workouts about 2 years ago. Not saying i want the "perfect" program, but gathering information and advice is crucial to success in my opinion. take others' ideas that work and try them out. that was my intention with this thread, as well as looking to see if someone saw any weak points, or opportunities for improvement.


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Yeah, assuming bodybuilding as the goal (this is the bodybuilding forum), a dynamic leg day is not going to do much for you.

Defrancos stuff is great for ---->athletes<-----.

Finally, you're not advanced enough to start modifying programs like that. What you are doing is no longer Defrancos, infact its not even close. If athleticism is your goal i suggest just following his template as laid out.

EDIT: And if hypertrophy is your goal, just do a basic split like already said.


woh woh woh with the female genitalia name-calling. split squats are more like the ass-whipper. they are the devil because they are difficult, and not only engage your legs, but your brain too. hard to balance, squat, and keep your back flat. don't hate, participate.

Not even close? it is.. actually very close..


I read your post three times. Does not make sense.

Maybe you did not understand MY post. Solly.
Bulgarians and split squats are both great for the ass.
Especially the female ass.


Woah 12 reps on depth jumps? I pray i read that wrong. Also whats your full squat to bodyweight ratio?


Do they ever make you wanna throw up?? I've never enjoyed doing them...not once. And after any sets over 8 reps, I'm dry heaving...no matter how conditioned I am, or how strong I've gotten...dry heaves...


Assuming this response is to me saying this is not like Defrancos work. So lets have a look.....

Using your Heavy Leg day for example:

Friday: Heavy Legs
superset* Squat 12-12-10-6-12
* biceps 9-6-6
superset* deadlift 9-9-6-6-4
* dips 20-15-12

The Defranco equivelant from memory is the same as the westside methods so you would start with a MAX EFFORT lift, this would probably be a 3RM or 5RM......not 12 reps. This would not be supersetted with biceps.

The day would not involve biceps and dips. The max effort lift would be followed by reverse lunges, bulgarian split squats etc.

The whole focus of Defrancos training is MAX EFFORT days.....which you have neglected completly and Repetition Days/ Dynamic days.

As mentioned above, a dynamic effort exercise should be low reps....like 3, it is meant to be explosive not endurance.

Have i missed something?

I think it is clear you don't know anywhere near as much as you think.

My advice: Listen, Learn, Work Hard.


None of this however, is relevant to bodybuilding :slight_smile:


Got it Hallowed, "my bad" for misinterpretation.

You didn't read wrong, 12. I suppose its the reason i'm 5'11" and can dunk on a reg hoop.

touche on the defranco workoout, i did change the rep-scheme, in hopes of higher reps = burning more fat? dunno.. not to mention the 12's serve as a primer or warm up, which i THOUGHT was necessary.
I don't claim to know anything. And i am attempting to "listen" and "learn" hence the creation of this post.
And although it may not be directly related to bodybuilding, i do want to get bigger and stronger, maybe not compete, but i enjoy lifting, and it's my favorite hobby. But so are playing sports and dominating any sort of physical task im met with. looking to be at a healthy medium between functional and aesthetic. been coming to this site for a couple years now, i think it's good information no matter what your goal.

i rep 315~6-8 times, guessing my 1RM is around 400, maybe a little under, so 190:390