Advice on Training Program

Hey Coach

I have been trainig for one year on the basics and I have not get the results I expected. I am a neurotype 1 and for me it is difficult to follow a plan but I think that I need one in orther to get the best results, be acountable.

My goal is to gain muscle and to get strong.

My current training maxes are…
Back squat 100kg
Front squat 90kg
Bench 70kg
Military 50kg
Incline 60 kg
Hang snatch high pull 55kg

I am training 3 days a week.

Day 1
Back squat and military

Day 2
Hang high pull and bench

Day 3
Front squat and incline

The sheme change each week.

  1. 4x8 (70%)
  2. 5x5 (80%)
  3. 6x3 (90%)
  4. 7x1 (100%)

I would apreciate your advice.

I train in my garage. I have a rack, a bench, the bar and plates.

What do you mean by you didn’t get the results you expected?

My squats and my press numbers do not increase in the last months and I also have not gain any significant muscle.

I feel I am getting trouble letting the newbie zone.

Lessons I learnt personally

  1. Pick a plan and follow it to the letter( you are not smarter, dont write your own plan)
  2. Eat more(forget about being super lean for now)
  3. Be consistent & dedicated( think marathon, not sprint)
  4. Forget about neurotyping( Dont get me wrong, it is amazing work, but as a beginner I wouldnt worry about it)
  5. Deadlift