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Advice on Training / Nutrition Please

Hi guys. I came here a while ago to ask for some help, and I got some great advice. I had to stop lifting for a while because of an overuse injury (doing OK now with the help of ART), but over the summer have been much more consistent with diet / gym.

When I came home from school, I was about 184 lbs. Now, I am about 167. This is too large a weight drop for me, though I am a bit stronger and more defined, though still not tight at all. I think I should bulk to put on some muscle, as I do not want to be any thinner, especially at 6’ tall and 20 years old.

My goal is to be a lean 190, though I know goals change with time. I will give you some figures so you can see where I am in terms of strength:

Squat: Just was able to do 225 X 6. In February I could only do 135 X 8, so this is a big improvement.

DB Bench Press: 55 lbs per hand. Not much, but again, an improvement.

Pull-ups: I have been using the assisted pull-up machine, and can do about 12 pullups on 40 pound assistance.

I hope this gives you an idea. I want to bulk up some, get stronger, look better, and eventually cut. I will log all my food and workouts if necessary. Using the Get Big Diet plan, I figured I could do:

165g protein
90g fat
433g carbs

Any advice on a workout to try. A lot of the ones here seem kind of advanced, as I cannot do unassisted chins or dips yet. Thanks for the help!

Read this: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/267max.jsp

Your protein intake is a bit low for training to put on mass. 300gP/day would be much more effective.

Eat a lot more (Massive Eating) and try something like Joel Marion’s updated 5x5, Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy or the Maximal Size program. You need to get stronger to get bigger, in addition to consuming a lot more food.

While Nate Dogg does have a point in regards to the relationship between strength and size, training with maximal or even submaximal strength protocols will not give you the best results, hypertrophy-wise.

Your best bet, if your goal is to gain mass while also increasing strength will be German Volume Training by Charles Poliquin, or one of its updated versions. Gains of 10 lbs in 6 weeks are the norm not the exception. I myself gained 12 lbs on GVT. Your strength will also go up (not as much as with Nate’s reccomendations, but then again hypertrophy is likely to be better on GVT than his programs).

Let us know which you decide.

Yes I would suggest upping the protein. And going with any of those programs suggested.

Nice to see someone not afraid to admit he isn’t hyooge yet and willing to work it. Won’t be long until you are one of the top dogs at your gym with that attitude.

Thanks a lot for the advice guys! Massive Eating seems tough because of the meal combinations, and I have never done anything like that before. I will give it a read through and probably try it out. I am also leaning towards GVT as well, now, but need to do a bit of reading on it this weekend. I am also leaning towards a Poliquin program because my ART doctor knows him (and Tim Patterson as well, actually) and was recommending his programs to me today.

I will keep you all updated. Thanks for the great advice and encouraging words.