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Advice on Training/Lifestyle Habits

Hey guys,

Im from Australia so forgive me for talking in KG and not lbs :slight_smile:

Im 25, 6’1 and 108 KG ( around 237 lbs).

Im trying to get a fit, lean, strong body… My goal would be to basically have a low body fat ~ 10%, and have good definition. My other goal would be strong enough to handle my bodyweight for most things eg chin ups etc

At the moment I hit the weights with a partner (who has similar goals) 4 days a week for an hour, with 30 mins of HIIT at the end of my weights sessions when time permits (at least 2 times a week).

I play soccer twice a week which can be a workout aswell.

My weights routine is like so:
I do my set, then partner does his, then mine again. So little rest between sets. Also my count is generally 1 sec up 2-3 seconds down.
Sets=3 Reps=10-12 unless stated otherwise

Day 1: Chest/Tri

Dumbell Bench
Incline Dumbell press
Cable Flyes
Assisted Tricep Dips ( Using assisted chin-up machine)
Tricep pushdowns

Day 2: Legs

Barbell single leg step-up
Leg Push (Upsidedown squat machine)
Machine Hamstring curls
Machine Leg extension

Day 3: Shoulders/Abs (abs are 12-15 reps)

Military press
Lateral raises
Front raises
Leg raises
Hyperextensions throwing a medicine ball
Weighted side bends
Leg twists

Day 4: Back/Biceps

CLose grip assisted chinups
Lat Pulldowns
Cable rows
Bent over T-Bar rows
Preacher Curls
Incline Hammer curls

I use whey supplements, eat alot of Low GI foods, only brown/multigrain bread, eat throughout the whole day and include nuts and focus on protein in most meals, limit carbs at night, drink 4-6 bottles of water a day ( 600ml i have no idea what that means to americans)

I do cheat sometimes, I have a sweet tooth, I eat desert (Ice cream mainly) once a week at family events but most of the time im pretty good.

I am consistant with the training, and mostly consistant with the eating.


Thank you.

Don’t use assisted equipment. I wasted half a year doing assisted pull-ups. What worked? Doing negatives for a week. Now, I do around 30 pull-ups a workout.

If you are going to do dips, make sure you have strong shoulders and good mobility. But don’t waste your time using the assisted machines.

rethink that leg day bro, do real sqauts DL’s etc.

Id say quit wasting the energy counting the time it take you to lower the bar etc and move the damn thing lower under control and LIFT that S.O.B. Concetrate on doing better moving more another rep, a bit more weight etc.

Nail a solid program based in the BIG compounds and a solid diet. Id do the HIIT in a seperate session but hewy to each there own. Go for QUALITY over quantity as in BUST you tail give the session your all and get out.

Best of luck


yea definitely change your leg day, and consider doing a full-body routine. Also dont do the HIIT more than twice a week.

Ditch the junk food and you probably wouldn’t need to do so much cardio and therefore you would be able to hit the weights harder, get stronger faster and start pulling your bodyweight. Its a no brainer to me. If your gona do something do it right!

Good luck

Thanks for the replies guys!

My problem is that im a bit flabby at the moment and after reading the article on these forums on bulking to gain muscle i realise i need to lose weight first then start gaining muscle…

So, I do 4 days of weights a week, and a fair amount of cardio as well as 1 1/2 hrs of yoga… would it be safe to say that with extra fat that if i use more calories than i take in that my body will use my body fat to feed muscle growth? (In conjunction with protein intake of course)

I need to lose about 20-30 lbs, but i still want to get some results in muscle development or at least feel stronger…

Or should i just focus on losing weight as fast as possible so i can focus on weights?

The other thing is that i have a bad knee ( Osgood Schlatters - Athroscopy in 2003)which hurts when i run so i use a cross trainer… but it also makes squats difficult (leg press seems to be fine)

Im getting it looked at by another surgeon next week.

Keep the advice coming I really want to get results and I’m working so hard to do it…