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Advice on Training in Afghanistan


I need some advice on training in Afghanistan. I work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. I don't get much time to workout. We don't have a gym, but I do have perfect push up bars, triceps bar, a curl bar (With 2 35's and 2 25's), an ab wheel, and some resistance bands up to 200lbs. I am gaining weight here and my muscles are about to get atrophy. I just want some advice and some instruction on what I can do to build up some strength and keep my weight down. any advice is helpful, thanks.


Keeping you weight down seems to be mostly diet, what kind of food do you have available there ?
Is it any good or not really great ?


Welcome to the Stan...if you don't mind my asking, which base you at? I'm in the same boat man, it ain't always easy, but at least i've got some basic weights to work with here. You just do what you can.



How about using some sandbacks?

You can do some Oly-Lifting, curling, carry for distance etc.

Or get a wheel for a little Strongman-session.

Well, the rest is all about nutrition...




^spectacular advice.


Idk about OP, but I actually DO believe we're safer over here than having to navigate military town traffic every day haha. No excuse for complacency though. Like they say, it kills and stuff.


What duck? Where?


Try and get a copy of Pavel's Naked Warrior ebook

Also a good article...