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Advice on Training for First PL Meet.


I have my first powerlifting meet in roughly seven weeks. I have trained pretty much like a bodybuilder who incorporates the PL movements up until this point, ie hitting each muscle group once a week. My numbers at this point are roughly 325/355/465. I am the least satisfied with my squat.

Right now I am benching, squatting, and DLing once per week.

I looked in to sheiko a bit but I think it may be too much for me to get in to at this point. Does anyone have any advice on training for the meet? I will be in the 181s raw.



Make sure you train with meet commands, to depth or paused or locked out, etc.


I'm guessing those numbers are bench/squat/DL?

Otherwise your numbers seem a little off.

Normally numbers are listed, squat/bench/dl (meet order).

X2 on the commands and depth. Make sure you practice bench paused.

Practice STARTING and finishing your squats completely locked out.

Also check on the little rules. For example, on bench, head on bench (depending on the fed), butt on bench, maintain constant arch, feet flat on floor.


I will be following this thread closely... I have my first meet in August.


I to, am getting my feet wet, with my first meet May 2nd.


Doh. You are correct. I got the order wrong. I have watched my friends at meets and read up on all the nuances of the particular federation so I am familiar with the technical aspects.

I was more so just wondering if more frequency per week would be better or if anyone knew of a specific program I could finish in 7 weeks. I was reading about wendler's 5/3/1 but that seems like more of a long term thing.


Don't worry about weight classes, eat normally. The day of have stuff like pop tarts, snickers, gatorade on hand as well. Your going to be very nervous, so foods like this will feel ok to eat. Get a lot of practice in your openers with commands, and bury your first squat nice and deep to set the tone.

Take your pre planned jumps on the squat, and take smaller jumps on the bench and bigger ones on the dead if you feel good.

Don't warmup excessively, nothing more than a few reps per set, and mostly quality singles. go here: http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/3083

Most importantly, make sure you take a minute to enjoy it and have confidence in your training and abilities.




I am trying to decide on doing either the 1st mesocycle of the smolov program before my meet, or doing the basic 3 day a week soviet squat cycle referenced here:


Like a said before, the squat is my weakest lift and I would love to go all out for it over the next couple of weeks. I am leaning towards the smolov cycle. Any opinions?


Thanks for this pat, used this to hit a PR on bench yesterday.


Sheiko 29 is really not that bad. I've never felt better, you adapt.


congrats, your looking really solid on all your lifts, so whats you situation fed lookin like? some feds might allow wraps for the raw division and so on so forth.


Don't thank me, you hit the PR! (and someone else wrote it ) :slight_smile: