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Advice on Training and Nutrition

You can’t technically do both at once. But you can make it appear that way. That’s the trick :wink:

Idk what you mean by “I’m out of shape.” You’re fat? Slow? Weak? That’s a broad statement.

I’m going to assume excess body fat. Start off building muscle. Muscle creates metabolism. The more muscle, the more calories you’ll burn in your sleep. So at least add 10lbs of lean muscle mass.

As far fasted training. Want to be small and weak? I used to train at 5am. Not my cup of tea, because I have to eat before I lift. But if I eat to soon, I’ll throw up while I train. Because I train intense. So I’d get up at 3am. Slowly, lol. Cook food, shower, let food digest. Train at 5.
You don’t have to get up at 3. But I suggest oatmeal with a couple eggs or steak. Whole food over liquid and liquid will make you feel hungrier as you lift. But whichever works for you. Just eat. You can’t grow if you don’t eat.

How much you weigh? Have a gut? Big gut? Little gut? No gut?

Also, what I like to do, is wake up, bust out 50-100 air squats and 50-100 jumping jacks. Empty stomach. Then eat, then go to the gym. Doing that workout will make you more insulin sensitive. It’ll wake up your brain and central nervous system. It’ll get your blood flowing and make your training session better


Wow, that’s dedication man! :slight_smile:

Sorry for not being clearer. I do indeed have a gut, I have too much fat around my stomach and face…I don’t have much fat anywhere else on my body but this is my fault from being inactive for nearly 2 years, eating rubbish and not looking after myself very well. I’m not huge, in fact i’m fairly light with not very much muscle at all (36 years old, weigh 190lbs and i’m 5ft 9in tall) I’m 3 weeks into the gym and i’m good with routine providing i have everything planned out ie food, workouts etc…In my initial post i said my main aim is to lose fat, which I suppose i would love to achieve, but i think I would now like to focus and put everything into building muscle (having read some great replies so far)

I’ve been told to look at a macro based food plan and I came up with the following for daily intake:
Carbs = 295g
Protein = 190g (1g for each lb of body weight)
Fat = 67g

If i stick to these targets and keep hitting heavy weights 3-4 times a week, would you agree that i’m on the right path? And i will now make sure my early morning workouts are fuelled properly :slight_smile:


Cheers for the reply Ben. I’m looking to try a macro based eating plan coupled with heavy lifting and hoping that this split will work:
Daily intake:
Carbs = 295g
Protein = 190g (1g for each lb of body weight)
Fat = 67g

I want to be in shape for next July (wedding - gulp) BUT i do want this as a lifestyle change too.

My training currently is lifting as heavy as poss on 2 muscle groups at a time 4 days a week and ending with a HIIT treadmill workout of 10-15 minutes


That actually looks kind of decent to me. Pretty similar to what I did, and it worked. I would suggest dropping the HIIT to once a week and then once or twice a week doing something like incline treadmill walking for around 10-15 minutes. If your rest breaks while lifting are kept quite short, that should be ample to get you moving in the right direction.

When you do need to drop calories so it in 100 cal/day decrements. Try to keep your fats above 50 grams, your carbs as high as possible and your protein no less than 0.8 grams/lb bodyweight. That actually gives you lots of room to move, and over the time you have probably around three drops.

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Cheers for the reply…I’ve now got to try and meal plan every day to hit my macros. Should be interesting! :slight_smile:

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Biggest thing you can do to make that easier is pick and/or figure out foods that are cheap, easy to prepare and that you’re happy to eat day after day.

For example, my breakfast is usually a 200 gram basa fillet fried in olive oil, 75 grams of oats, 80 grams of Nutrigrain or Milo flakes, a couple of tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate topping, 350 mL whole milk and some cinnamon. That only changes if I’m eating out or training later in the day. I don’t need to think about it. I just make it.

For meats I tend to rotate: corned beef, pork loins, pork scotch fillet, chicken thighs, or whatever is on special and reasonably lean.

If you get your roster of foods sorted, everything becomes a ton easier.

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This. Meal plan for one day and eat similarly everyday. Like 80% less bother.

Nah mane. 1kg of Chicken Breast with added hormones for dat dere absolutely propah anabolic chicken baby pls


Great stuff, thanks for the info. I think i need to get into a routine so it becomes second nature. I’ve bought a load of those plastic containers so i can pack my meals into those. I’ll shoot for 30g of protein in each one as i think i’m right in saying your body can only use and digest 30g at a time? anything else is a waste?
You’re totally right about using cheaper foods as it will be expensive i’m thinking things like low fat instant mash and a load of frozen veg, spinach, broccoli etc…chicken breasts are so cheap, Asda do this bag of like 10 breast fillets for £3.95! they are so nice!

Nope. Is bullshit/misinterpreted. More like muscle protein synthesis is near maxed with 30g in a sitting. Don’t worry about it as long as you spread protein consumption throughout the day. Hitting daily macros is more important. Spread/Divy it up however fits your lifestyle.

25kg bag of rice will last you a year lel. Also with a cooker you can leave by itself 30mins to cook in bulk. Try your nearest asian grocery store

Chicken Breast is hard to eat tbh tho I am a rubbish chef. You can chew that shit for hours and make some gains in your muscles of mastication at least.

EDIT: if you want more/peace of mind on Protein, google “Perfecting Protein Intake in Athletes: How Much, What, and When?”


Shit yeah! My fav muscles to work on!

EDIT: no wait, I read it wrong lol


Digusting out of 10 lel.

I enjoy it too… chewing that is. Nothing like getting a forehead/temple/full face pump

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Yeah it’s prob my 2nd fav muscles to work on haha

I get a full sweat happening if I have a big enough feed :joy:

I do have to one up everyone in everything so:

When I’ma eat it’s HIIT/Supersetting.

Every time I shovel more food into my mouth I have to shout SUPASET even if there’s already food in my mouth. Just spray it all over the table.


Thanks for clearing up the protein bit. One other thing you might be able to offer advice on is the macro targets I have calculated. Why do all these sites online differ in results?
I went with the one that sounded most sensible! lol

Think I wrote this somewhere before…

Thems is my recommendations but it’s still a big range. Pretty much anything in the ranges work well enough.

Your macros put you at a bit over 2500 cal.

Sounds a bit high to me but most important thing is you start tracking consistently. Weigh yourself under the same conditions daily and adjust macros up or down via carbs as required until you achieve desired rate of weight gain/loss.

Recommended rates of gains/losses can vary from 1% of bw/week to as fast as possible. Slower is usually better. For you probably best to go slower e.g. towards 1lb/week

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Great, again thanks for the input. I’ll try those figures to begin with and as you say keep track of weight and how I look and feel, and adjust accordingly.

I was thinking 2500cal is quite high, thats 700cal above my BMR but lets see how it goes i guess.

Sounds high af i.e. higher than snoop

When you put activity into the calculator did you put for your activity level: works outs twice a day, works active job as cross country running mailman and spends all free time fidgeting and shaking on clenbuterol? May explain the huge surplus.

Still … try it and see. Probably gonna have to adjust macros down.

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hahaha!!! LETHAL!!
Right OK, i think i get it…I’ll scale it down…This is what i mean by these results throwing up random shit

I put it in the following…

36 years
5ft 9in
Work outs 3-4 x per week
Goal - Muscle gain - Standard 10%
1g protein per lb of bodyweight
0.45g of fat per lb of bodyweight
The rest is carbs…

Do you know a calculator that will work out a more accurate reading? i can’t find fook all online…

This is the calculations from a different site…



^ Doesn’t matter where you start anyways because you’ll end up adjusting it