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Advice on Training and Nutrition

Hi everyone just joined and thought I would ask advice from you guys who have been training a while

Ok I have been using the gym on and off for over 10 years, I have only ever done this to remain slim. I have been on diets for as long as i can remember but I wanna get more muscular now and bulk up at bit.

Current stats

6ft 3 in
13 stone
34in waist
41 inch chest
14 inch bicep
15in neck
24inch thigh

Id like to gain about a stone in healthy muscle drop a couple of inches off my waist and grow every where else. Can you have a look at the below and advise if Im on the right track with my training and diet many thanks to you all

3 x per week full body workouts using free weights

Bench Press 3 sets 8-10 reps
Flyes 2 sets 8-10 reps
Squat 4 sets 8-10 reps
Dumbell row 3 sets 8-10 reps
Barbell row 2 sets 8-10 reps
Standing shoulder press bar bell 3 sets 8-10 reps
shoulder raise 2 sets 8-10 reps
D/bell arm curls 2 sets 8-10 reps
Triceps dips 3 sets to failure
3 x 25 reps leg raises
3x 25 reps crunches

Im not doing any cardio at present do you think I should?

Daily diet


food calories carbs protien fat
2 egg whites 32 1 4 0
1 cup spinach 41 7 5 0.5
2 whole egg 204 2 14 14
1 farmhouse toast 101 18 4 1

Total 378 28 27 15.5

food calories carbs protien fat
Bran 160 26 7 3
Banana 90 23 1 0

food calories carbs protien fat
chic100g 171 0 33 4.8
pasta 245 47 9 2
spinach 41 7 5 0.5
dressing 74 4 1 5
total 531 58 48 12.3

Shake 227 21 30 3

food calories carbs protien fat
Salmon 265 0 26 18
140gveg 44 6 3 0
Sauce 230 9 1 20
noodles 190 35 7 3

total 729 50 37 41

Daily total2115 206 150 74.8

I know its long winded but any advice would be great

bigger breakfast

Any tips on what else to eat???

do you think my workout routine is good?

where’s the hip dominant movements like deadlifts?

i think for eating you really dont need anyone telling you WHAT to eat. its simple. more protein for tissue reapir, more fat and/or carbs to offset protein adaptation, and more calories in general to support the metabolic processes of building muscle.

just eat a bit more then normal. if you’re not gaiining weight, then add more to your diet. keep doing this little by little till you hit the sweet spot. gaining weight (muscle) really isn’t all tht hard compared to losing fat.

the most noticeable part of the program is you have 1 lower body movement vs. 10 upper body/core movements!

[quote]pvieira wrote:
the most noticeable part of the program is you have 1 lower body movement vs. 10 upper body/core movements![/quote]

true! dont know how i missed that!

good points guys any advice on exercises to add or remove?

Thanks again

Remove: flyes, DB or BB row (pick one), shoulder raise (which i presume is a lateral raise), crunches.

Add: Deadlift (RDL, sumo or traditional…though i find that the RDL’s hit the hamstrings more than any other variation), pullup, a calve exercise.

when doing antagonistic movements, make sure you match up sets and reps.

eventually, you’ll have to up the volume a bit to mabe 5 or 6 sets per movement (maybe even 7). thats when you should split the workout in half and do an A-B split. but that won’t be for a while.

remember to eat!

get strong at these movements and you can’t fail!

good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks forbes. How many sets do you think would be best then? 4 sets for larger muscle groups and 2 for smaller?


thats up to you (or your body i should say). try about 3 sets per larger and about 2 for smaller. if you find that those arent enough, then up it to 4 for larger, 3 for smaller. in essence, its an experiment. no body can tell you how many sets are optimal. just make sure to give every set your all! no pussy footing around!

now, if you find that 5 sets are optimal, you may find the workouts too long and exhaustive. at that point i would cut the workout in half as i described above.

You’re 6ft 3 & want to gain muscle on 2100 cals a day?

wtf is a stone !

wtf is this baby caloric intake

Hi Guys sorry my mistake it uk measurement looking to 14 lb. Ok you think I need to up my calorie intake, gotta be honest Im eating almost double what i used to so not sure I can physically eat any more rekon a mass gaining shake might be the way to go??

[quote]zraw wrote:
wtf is a stone !

wtf is this baby caloric intake[/quote]

The stone is a unit of mass. It is part of the Imperial system of weights and measures used in the British Isles, and formerly used in most Commonwealth
countries. It is equal to 14 pounds and to 6.35029318 kilograms.

yes, shakes with olive oil will help. very calorically dense without filling you up too much.