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Advice on Training After Surgery?

Hey everyone,

Like my last thread mentioned, I had my appendix removed on 11/27. The surgeon has advised no lifting until the new year, gradually working back into it, and using higher reps vs. heavier weights at least for a while. The biggest concern is developing a hernia, which would require another surgey.

I have never really trained like this. I’ve always started my training doing multiple sets at 70+% of my 1RM (5/3/1, juggernaut, even ws4sb, etc…). I figure now is a great time to really work concepts like mmc, tut, etc…

I could use some advise / recommendations on, for lack of better phrasing, bodybuilding splits. Anything from “bro” splits to PPL or whatever.

If you have any favorite templates or links please throw it up.

For example, I saw this from Paul and thought it might be a good fit provided I am smart about the weight. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/simple-but-brutal-the-workout-plan


Edit: Maybe something like this:

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I don’t have anything specific but I have ideas I had a friend who powerlift and had a appendectomy too and he came back stronger with no hernia issues

I think going heavy on the squat and or deadlift or otherwise straining a lot is the stuff that is risky for a hernia.

Like over time the tissue heals and gets stronger and stronger so like 6 weeks you can lift and towards 3 months you can lift to the max. It’s only been a week or two so maybe use this as a deload of sorts and hold off from getting back into the gym as long as possible while staying sane to maximise the degree to which you heal up.

So we needed something to do for 2-3 months. My mate went high volume low intensity stuff and used variations all to do a Hypertrophy kind of phase. Like he did dumbbells in the high rep range like 8-20 always easy reps RPE nothing but just did more volume and bit more weight over the three months. Then he went back to heavy lifting 6 months post op hit PRs

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I think you are on the right track already so good luck

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That’s very helpful, thanks.

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I don’t know anything anymore.

After my wife had a cesarian they required her to get up and walk for as long as she could tolerate as often as possible.

There must be some new thing about the abdominal cavity and recovery from surgery.

I can walk no problem. They wanted me to walk actually. I just couldn’t lift more than 20lbs for a week and I’m not supposed to lift more than I would normally in everyday life. The surgeon even brought up powerlifting and that’s when we made the suggestions.

I’d bet he wants you to avoid creating too much intra-abdominal pressure, but that seems like a real conundrum when it’s such an ingrained habit, and somewhat involuntary any time you lift or even move.

Maybe you could practice steady controlled breathing through out a set and try to avoid bracing or a valsalva maneuver?

I dunno. I’ve never had my abdomen penetrated. Just some cracked ribs.

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Ya, I think that’s basically it.

Personally, I would focus on conditioning for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Day 1:
Dips & Pullups

Day 2:
Jumps and explosive leg movements

Day 3:
Prowler pushing & pulling

Day 4:
Some form of running/swimming

Finish each day with some form of tabata. Throw in some isolation work where desired.

That’s not a bad idea. Thanks!

What’s everyone’s experience with EDT?

I’ve always liked pairing antagonist lifts together anyway, but I’ve always used sets/reps. Using a blanket time (15mins) seems so foreign.