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Advice on Training a Teen Multi-Athlete with Week Knee


So it turns out I might be helping this kid at my gym, it started out with giving him tips like "keep your elbows in" on the bench etc.

He plays either basketball or soccer every single day, and also does some diving.
He's looking to bulk up a bit (very scrawny).

His left knee is weak (something about fluid in the knee) so he uses his right knee to jump etc.

What sort of program / advice would you suggest? Not sure what his best option for gaining size would be here - more full-body or splits? Single-limb work to strengthen the left knee? Of course he would have to get diet in check to make gains with all that sports activity.


id tell him to look for a real coach


WS4SB and a PT for the knee


obviously that isn't possible. hence my question.

either someone showing him proper technique, or he continues benching and doing curls every other day (actually his current routine)


So like.. are you a trainer or something, or just some guy who plays drums who gave a kid advice and now he thinks he knows shit? You don't seem to know much about his knee condition. Don't fuck it up more.


well kind of like what Artem is saying, you arent a coach, you dont know this kids injuries, youre asking guys on T-Nation how to train some kid we've never even met before. find him a real coach if you want to be any kind of help.


Perhaps I should have clarified.. obviously his knee will be diagnosed. That's not what my point was.

My point was what style of training might be most appropriate for a kid who spends so much time doing various sports. The only helpful response I got was WS4SB, which is what I have in mind.

For the record I am an NSCA-CPT who has a few years experience, but mostly clients with weight loss issues and the opposite.

fuck it anyways, so much for getting a helpful response. It's easy to talk shit I guess.


There isn't a certain type of training that will be best for him really. The most important thing will be to see a PT. Because if his knee gets more jacked, then you'll be training a Non-athlete with a bum knee. As for bulking up. Regardless of what sports he's doing, he needs to eat a lot more, and get a lot stronger. Any program that will have him progressing in all his big lifts will add muscle.

So, fix knee, eat more, and get stronger.