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Advice on Torn ATFL and CFL


I’ll start out by introducing myself. I’m a sophomore out in ETX and I play football and am competitive in BJJ. I’m here because I want to know what you younger guys would do (and what you older guys would do if you could go back).

Back in late August I sustained a grade two sprain in my right ankle. I took a couple weeks off from football and rehabbed it. It got back to where I was able to play so I took limited snaps for a few weeks. In mid September I re-injured it. The trainers said it was just a mild sprain and would heal given time. I did rehab on it from September until mid-December with no improvements. (I should mention I did some x-rays that showed no fractures).

Four weeks ago I rolled my ankle again by stepping on the edge of a rug. And then again a couple days later just by shifting my weight (I’m ~200lbs). After the second time I went in for an MRI and was told that I had completely ruptured the ATFL and CFL (non-visualization of both was the actual phrasing), had a grade two sprain of the PTFL, and trace effusion of the tibiofibular joint.

I’m currently trying to get an appointment with a local orthopedic surgeon to get his opinion, but I’d like to know what you guys would do about it.