Advice on Thyroid Test Results

Hi guys,

Been on these pages a few times before regarding my low testosterone levels. I am 24, 170cm height, 63kg weight. I have had total testosterone levels hovering around 15mnol-18mnol. My GP told me, given all my symptoms and sub-optimal numbers, that a trial of TRT was acceptable under the circumstances. I am currently taking one 50mg 5g gel sachet of Testo Gel at the moment; no Aromatase Inhibitors or HCG. If the TRT begins to improve my symptoms, I will likely try and get the HCG or similar, to keep my testes a normal size!

Having looked up all the potential causes for my symptoms, I wonder if perhaps my GP may have overlooked hypothyroidism? My understanding is that sometimes guys on TRT gel who do not absorb it well often find higher absorption rates once their thyroid levels are at a healthy range. I shall post below my thyroid function tests. I would welcome your advice as to whether, as I have been told, all these levels are within range and therefore not contributing to my symptoms, or whether, as often happens with NHS doctors, something has been overlooked. Hope somebody on here can assist:

1- TSH- 4.79 on a reference range that goes up to 5.60
2- Free T4 level- 10.1 on a reference chart that goes up to 15.10
3- Free T3 level- 6.3 on a reference chart that goes up to 6.80

Now, I may be wrong, but is my TSH not rather high? Okay, it may be “normal”, but I understand thyroid disorders in the UK are often under diagnosed, so could it be that my TSH level is too high and that I potentially have either an under active thyroid gland or some other form of thyroid disease? Does anyone on here know what an optimal or ideal TSH level should be? If my thyroid is underactive, could this be affecting the efficacy of the Testo Gel? Would adding Levothyroxine into my protocol potentially improve my symptoms and aslo lead to better absorption rates of the gel?

Due to see an NHS endo soon, who will hopefully analyse thyroid function very closely. However, forearmed is forearmed, so I would welcome your advice and insights.

Thanks for all your input here.


Are you currently supplementing Iodine? High TSH is caused by high dose Iodine supplementation. Your Free T3 and Free T4 are good; You do not have Hypothyroidism.
I advise you do a 24 hour cortisol saliva test. The high TSH does indicate a problem with your body using the Free T3 that it has. Low Ferritin is another possibility.

Topical testosterone is inferior to injections. 100mg Testosterone Cypionate in 2 divided injections per week is the gold standard. You should go on HCG regardless which form of test. you decide to use.