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Advice on This Powerlifting Program



I wanted to start this program, but the problem is that I don't know how you can do an overload of 120% of your 1RM 3 times? (Benching on day 1)

Any help guys?


I think its talking about negatives. Three singles at 120% should be possible


It's probably either negatives or assisted.


An overload can be anything from a partial to a static hold. It's just to get your body used to feeling the weight, so your max attempts feel lighter.

Here is a javascript that will do all the weights for you.


I don't hear too many people here talk about the Dr. squat program but I love it. It gets brutal once you cycle up to the high volume part.


You'd be better off to check out a program without 120% overloads. An occasional static hold at more than 100% is OK, negatives are more of a once in a blue moon thing. Their effectiveness hasn't stood the test of time. Check out Elitefts, Westside, Metal MIlitia, Big Iron, Supertraining Gym. Whatever looks good to you. These are current, tried and true. No disrespect intended to the writer of the program you bring up.

Find someone with your general build and age that you'd like to emulate. Find out how they got strong. Good luck.


How do I do a negative squat? Lower the weight down and then what? Sit the bar down on the safety racks, unrack the bar. rerack it on the top, put all the weight back on and do another rep?


How do I do a negative squat? Once I get down there, if it's too heavy to do a full rep how am I supposed to get it up? Ask the biggest guy in the gym to do half a squat for me?


It's just a static support for something like 10 seconds (unrack the bar and hold it). So it's not a negative rep.

Like someone said the idea is that "it makes your big weights feel lighter".


Just say no to negative squats! Use a basic program with regular up and down reps. Again, these negatives have not stood the test of time. Once you're more advanced, give 'em a whirl if you want. For now just work your ass off.
I did suggest not to do the overload thing in my earlier post. Sounds like you want to try an offbeat routine. Best of luck.