Advice on this Cycle!

Hi Guys,

I would like some info on a bit of a cycle I am trying to design for myself. the cycle is aimed at building Max Strength for the first half then building Strength-Endurance for the second half.

I was thinking about a 16 week Cycle comprising of the following:

All Weight Training done 2 times per week, along with 2 Conditioning routines twice per week. Weight Training sessions are both full body workouts.

Weeks 1-4:
5x5 with 8 Rep Max, aiming to build base of Max Strength

Weeks 5-8
5x5,4,3,2,1 starting with 6RM and increasing weight with every set. aimed at peaking Max Strength

Weeks 9-12
10-15x1,2 using roughly 80-85% of 1RM, aimed at building Strength-Endurance, while maintaining Max Strength

Weeks 13-16
20 Minute Thing, picking 1-2 lifts (i.e. Snatch, or Squats/Deadlifts) utilizing roughly 60-70% of 1RM. Aimed at peaking Strength-Endurance.

The lifts to be used throughout this cycle are as follows:

Barbell Squats
Weighted Dips
Weighted Chins
Finishing off with a ballistic exercise (i.e. Dumbell Swing, Snatch, Clean & Press) to increase explosiveness.

I know this training regimen is only in its early stages and needs alot of tweaking. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.