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Advice on the Layer System

Hi coach I have followed you for a long time and have bought your books in the past. I was away from T-Nation for a while and when I came back i stumble on to the Layer system. Did I miss an article about it? I looked but can’t find it. I have gathered some things about it such as I know it is one lift a day, and for building strength. If there is a link that would be awesome, just because I don’t want to be following the wrong thing. Thank you

Ok I completed my first Layer workout this morning. which was a flat bench press workout.

I did the following:

  1. ramped up to 235 for a 3 RM without a break in form (9 sets)

  2. used 210 on these sets. 1 rep/rest 10 sec, 1 rep/rest 10 sec, until couldnt complete another rep (3 sets)

  3. using 185 5 reps/rest 10 sec, 4 reps/rest 10 sec…

  4. using 135 iso hold 5 sec/5 reps, iso hold 4 sec/5 reps,… 2 sets.

was this correct?