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Advice on Test/Tren Cycle?

Hey y’all, question.

I’ve been on 4 WEEKS ON TODAY. Weeks 1-3, I ran 375mg test/ week and 225mg tren/wk. Start of week 4, I changed the tren dosage to 375mg/wk. (I ran adrol weeks 1-3 but dropped it, had bad sides so I switched to anavar start of week 4)

Had tons of issues with shipping from my source because of lab relocation, that’s why this got so messy. Can’t do anything about it now but I’ve got my stuff. I’m finalizing my stuff today before I pin, so I need some help.

I don’t like what I’m seeing from the tren so far. It’s usually A1 from my source but not this time, so I can either

•Drop tren completely and run test at 1G

•Run the test at 1G and continue using tren for the next 3 weeks at 375mg/wk

•Run the test at 1G and continue using tren at 225mg/ week for the next 4 weeks.

Please let me know what y’all think

If you aren’t seeing results from what your currently running more gear isn’t the answer you need to look at your diet and training.

Outside of the total freaks I have not yet seen someone who actually needs to run 1g of test. More isn’t always better.

Lol, like I’ve mentioned in other posts. I’ve been lifting for over 5 years. My diet is fantastic. Using gear for a little while now too. I’m using a different source however. The test is amazing, but the tren isn’t like when I ran it before.

Hey there, currently on week 6 of my cycle with a few questions.

This was my cycle
Test cyp 375mg 1-4, 4-12 800mg+
Tren A 225mg 1-8
Anadrol 50-100mg 1-3 (bad sides, switched to var)
Anavar 50-100mg 4-10

I’m 6’, 207 and about <15%bf. Like mentioned I’m on week 6 (technically I came off for two weeks because of a vacation, but I’m back on now) I’ve been in a large surplus and have been gaining decent amounts of weight but I dropped my cals from about 500-800 above maintenance to about 200 above maintenance and seem to be leaning out and gaining. I typically lean out before cycle than use gear to blow up lean however I started this cycle at about 12%bf. Should I continue in this fashion or up my calories again for maximum lean muscle gain?

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