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Advice on Test Side Effects

A few years ago I decided to start taking test e. I was foolish and did little research. Although, while on it I had amazing gains and even better sex. I decided to stop at the request of my gf at the time. I stopped abruptly with no pct, again foolishly.

After doing do I was never able to get an erection again. After some time went by I decided to start doing test again to try and boost levels back up. But regardless of what type of test I take, how much or for how long the erections just aren’t there anymore. I’ve been doing test c for about 10 weeks now (250 twice a week) and still no rebounds sexually.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Look into your ESTROGEN levels - Test turns into ESTROGEN - you need AI

Get blood work done. The $90 or whatever is worth the peace of mind of knowing what is going on. Ideally, I’d say go see an Endo, but depending on your age, that may not be the best answer.


Go get your bloodwork done. Get your free And total T, E2, LH and FSH for starters. May need more bloods done as well.