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Advice on Test Results? Doctors Say It's Normal

Hi Guys,

Just needed some help interpreting my test results.

FSH 2.19 miu/ml
LH 3.03 miu/ml
Prolactin 3.44ng/ml
SHBG 316 nmol/l
Progesterone 0.27 ng/ml
Estradiol 35.00 pg/ml
T4 1.340 ng/dl
TSH 3.467 microiu/ml
Free test 24.27 pg/ml
Total test 6.772
DHEA 230 ug/dL

The reason I did this test is coz I do not feel to good and my progress in the gym is very slow. I am only 33 yrs old. Unfortunately the docs in my country do not know head or tail, to them this is normal. Would the results by any chance suggest secondary hypogandism?

You should probably start with your thyroid.

Thank you for responding buddy. To add on to it I have a really though time losing body fat. Do you reckon my thyroid is under active? Any guidance on this would be really appreciated.

Based on that TSH reading I would say it is at the very least worth looking into.

What is the unit of measure for your total test?

Can you clarify this, and also put ranges? I am guessing its actually 31.6

If its really 316, God help you sir.

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Total test is 6.772 ng/ml sorry I missed that. Some days I feel really low. No libido etc, kind desperate to figure out what the problem is

Yes 31.6 nmol/L no ref range on my report just a general comments as follows :

Male central 95% 13-71 median 32

Converts to 672 ng/dl which is a good level honestly. I’d look into the thyroid and then go from there.


This probably explains it. No matter how hard I try I just can’t lose weight. Thank you for taking time to respond. Any other considerations or redflags that you can think of at this point?

free T4
free T3
reverse T3

It might help if you provide reference ranges for all labs.

You will need insanely high testosterone levels to ever have enough free testosterone, never seen SHBG quite this high!

SHBG is produced in the liver and binds testosterone and renders it useless and is not bioavailable. A good doctor should be concerned with labs and symptoms.

Do you have liver function tests?

Are you on any medications?

31.6 sorry. Yes have a Liver test it’s all Normal

Do I need to manage my TSH and bring it down a bit? If so would it be levothyroxine that would do that ?

TSH is not normal, the reference ranges aren’t normal. TSH should be <2.5 and anyone above this value will have varying degrees of hypothyroidism whether subclinical of full blown hypothyroidism.

Thank you for responding. The ref range on the report is 0.4- 4.0. So what you saying is my thyroid is possibly under active? Am I right in saying that…

Levothyroxine is a synthetic T4.

You need to know your free T3 status, and reverse T3, to decide how to proceed. Free T3 is the thyroid hormone that actually does the thyroid work, if high relative to fT3, reverse T3 screws that up.

Ok, will run these tests and get back. Thank you again really appreciated.

Ok, so my lab can only do T3, T4, and TSH. I have checked multiple labs and they don’t to reverse t3 and total :frowning: pls tell me this is sufficient to accertain the problem

Pls tell me this is sufficient to accertain needed info

Maybe, if your fT3 comes back low, definitely. If it is reasonably high, some guess work will come into it.