Advice on Test EQ Cycle?

Hi people, so I have picked up some tri test 400 and boldenone 200 and Dianabol for my next cycle. Everywhere I look for information on dosages for EQ is conflicting, some people say low dose test and high EQ, others say keep them the same, some say high test mid range EQ. Was planning on running test at 500mg a week, and EQ at 400mg a week, Dbol first 4 weeks at 30mg a day. Got arimidex on hand as I’m sure there’ll be a fairly high chance of aromatisation, but unsure on how much arimidex to take eod. So my question is, from your experience and knowledge, what dosage should I run the EQ at opposed to my test? And how much Arimidex should I take or should I just use where and when needed. TIA for any answers, this is my 3rd cycle, first was just test, second test and anavar, third should be good. Cheers

My first stack was 400mg of test with 400mg of EQ. Great experience!
I would only urge you to stay at or below 1000mg total for the week. If you go a little over during your dbol, don’t worry your dosages are concerveitive so you are ok. I wouldn’t say this officially but oral doses I typically only count half of their total mg towards my per week total. Probably not the best policy but we only run oral for a few weeks and as long as they are reasonable doses it shouldn’t be too bad.

For your test to EQ ratio I say just for simplification do 400 of EQ then 400-600 of test. With EQ my opinion is a longer cycle at a lower dose will be better in the end verses a shorter cycle with higher doses.

Run this cycle at least 12 weeks on the EQ, really should be around 15. I would run the test two weeks past the end of the EQ then stop wait two week and start PCT.
If you stop the EQ and test together you have to wait three weeks to start PCT. That ester on EQ I a long one.

For your arimidex. EQ seems to have an almost anti estrogen effect so keep that in mind and that doesn’t necessarily mean lower estrogen it just means you don’t show certain signs of high estrogen. I would start the cycle without and arimidex. Then if you get side effects of high estrogen start with 0.5 mgs on the days you inject the test and EQ. That should take care of you at those doses. You might need a little more during the dbol. Now if the dose doesn’t work after a week or so then increase it slightly and stay at that dose for about two weeks. Guys want instant results and usually over use the AI and then tank their estrogen and feel like shit. Remember it takes a day or so for the dose to kick in, then it takes a day or so for the estrogen levels to start to come down and then it takes a few more days for your body to adjust to the lower levels and hopefully the signs of high estrogen then disapate.
Also keep in mind that EQ might actually have an actual built in anti estrogen component but the jury is still out on if everyone benefits from it.


In this situation would running the dbol at the end of the cycle be a better choice in your opinion?

Yes, especially since EQ has such a reputation for crashing e2. This particular stack will require someone to monitor their e2 closely during the first six weeks, and if they’re using dbol during that time they’re going to get a very different set of potential symptoms that will magically vanish once they drop it. From there e2 management becomes really difficult because they are hitting the saturation point with the EQ but they’re coming off dbol and presumably an AI. So it could be a roller coaster ride with regard to e2. I’d say that the best approach here would be to see how the EQ effects e2, with blood work at week six, before adding in the dbol. That’s got to be the most scientific approach anyway.


Extremely well said. Thank you

Great post. I think you have changed my thinking on orals.