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Advice on Test E Cycle Kickstarted with Dbol


Hey guys,

I'm currently looking at doing my second cycle and just wanted a few opinions on it . But first il post my stats.. ( of course)

Age 22
Height 186cm
Weight 171 pounds
Bench 198 pounds
Squat 176 pounds
Dead lift 198 pounds

3 months ago I ran an 8 week cycle of test e and loved it. Great strength and weight gains, but only ran it for 8 weeks due to source issues. Gained 17.6 pounds , very little gyno also if none.
So know I know how my body reacts to a single ester at 500mgs a week I've considered running ....

Weeks 1 - 4

25mg of dianabol ed

Weeks 1 - 12

500 mgs split into 2 pins per week of 250 mgs

Weeks 12 - 13.5

Hcg but unsure on my dosage ? Advice would be great

Weeks 14 - 16

40mgs of nolva ed

Weeks 16 - 18

20 mgs of nolva ed

Any advice would be great or opinions would be great... Cheers


This is a fucking joke right.... You have ran a cycle in the past and those are your numbers.... My wife is the same age as you, weighs 30lbs less than you, has less than 6 months of training under her belt and out lifts you in every thing except bench... This has to be a joke.


Your stats are... horrible.

Truly I'm floored, good luck with the cycle brah


hmm squat and deads are lower than bench? almost seems like a troll thread or horrible lifting habits.


My first reply would be.....You're 22 and 171lbs, you can't squat your bodyweight, and you have done absolutely ZERO research on gear which could potentially harm your body if done incorrectly. You should take the money you want to waste on gear, and hit up the super market and buy eggs, steak, chicken, potatoes, rice and pasta. anything extra buy protein and creatine. And take that money, and buy the book starting strength, or jim wendler's 5 3 1. You have no place doing gear.


The scary part is that this is his second cycle.

Got young guys, 15-16 year olds, with 4-6 months lifting under thier belt repping 4 plates a side for deads. No drugs, just hard work and good food.

You need to ditch all this juice shit and sort your life out. You have just started your journey, well, hardly out the front door, and already you are hunting for short cuts.

Ditch the roids.

For fuck sake, go eat a whole chicken. Now. Get 8-9 hours sleep. Do a heavy squat/bench/dead program. 5/3/1 or starting strength or whatever. It doesn't matter at this stage. Do lots of back and legs. Just train hard, eat big and get your sleep in. You will be 100kg+ by this time next year.

You are at your natural hormone peak. Taking roids is shutting down the world's best testosterone cycle. Ditch the oils and use your natural hormones while you can.

Why dafuq is this basic shit regurgitated on this web site every week?


LOL a girl in my club who's TINY (like under 110lbs and probably under 100) can squat more than that.

I'm assuming these must be weights for working sets of 10 or something. Even then it's pretty bad...

OP, if these are your 1RMs after a cycle, I don't know what to tell you.


this post hurts my feelings


Cruise and blast OP, cause thats the only fucking way you ever make progress it looks like haha.


@OP Your lifts are out of proportion look up Strong lifts 5x5 and use it to aim for 200lb Bench, 220lb Squat 270lb Deadlift and 160lb OHP then come back and do a second cycle. Honestly not slating you but you will get much more permanent gains from pushing yourself to that with food than you will taking steroids then you can use the AAS to push yourself past that. Just think work hard do it properly and with your natural high test levels you could be pretty big at 25.