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Advice on Test/Deca/Anadrol Cycle?

Any opinions or constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated in advance. Yes i am aware of the risks and yes i have a solid training regime and diet

Stats ---- 200lbs - Bf 13% - 19 - Height 6’4

Layout of cycle will be like -
Test E 500mg/ week 1 - week 12
Deca 300mg/ week 1 - week 12
Anadrol Oral 50mg daily/ week 1 - week 5
Caber 0.25mg EOD/ week 1 - week 12
Adex 0.25mg EOD/ week 1 - week 12
Winstrol 30mg Daily/ week 8 - week 12

Nolva - 40/40/20/20
Clomid - 50/50/25/25
HCG 1000ius ???
Questions of mine -

  1. Should i run a liver support or is a healthy diet and 4 litres of water a daily good enough
  2. Would it be wise to add HCG to this cycle to improve Pct or will i recover without
  3. The winstrol is something i am still contemplating as both anadrol and winstrol are very toxic so to run both in one cycle may be pushing the boundary ?? Although the dosgage of winstrol is quite low.

Getting pre blood work done next week ! Cycle starts on the 17th :muscle:t3: cheers
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Didn’t you just come off your last cycle a few weeks ago?

Not only that but your stats are still pretty shitty. This leads me to belive your diet and training is garbage because your using a bunch of extremely powerful compounds and not seeing results.

The answer isn’t use more drugs.

Okay so like i said the diet and regime is set for the following cycle. Started high protein and high carb 300/250 only 2 weeks ago. Counting my macros properly now (or reasonably properly) so i can get maximum results. Now my stats are not the best yes i am aware of that, take into consideration i started working out 26 months ago, 67 kg ringing wet. First 12 months natural bumped me to 77. Then My first cycle went down the drain due to being incarcerated 12 weeks in with no chance to pct so i lost everything. Been back out and training hard again since march. I took the advice from you guys on my first post, stopped the cycle mid way and went back to research. I am feeling confident about this cycle

Feeling confident, huh? This isn’t PCT, This is “I’m gonna take everything all at once!”
Nolva OR Clomid, and the HCG is during the cycle, not PCT. That would be counter productive. And BTW, you must be completely retarded if you think that looks like a competent cycle. It’s the same approach as your PCT, “I’m gonna take everything all at once!”
IF your were actually within 5 years of being ready for a cycle, what makes you think it should be any more than Test?