Advice on Test Cyp/Tren E/Masteron E Cycle?

Looking for some advice on the best way to dose this cycle for 12 weeks. I am trying to cut and be as lean as possible (I know i need to diet/cardio correctly). It is not my first time with any of these compounds. Also any advice on PCT therapy as well as ancillaries/cycle support (if necessary).

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They would need more information to answer your questions properly. The optimal cycle doseges would be different for everyone. you can start by telling us your age, weight, height, previous cycle, how much Tren you’ve taken before and how you felt at the time.

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32 years old 5’10 240. Last tren cycle was two years ago. Never had any complications during cycle and felt fine except for the nasty bed sheets from the oily skin and night sweats

Test E 500mg/week 1-12
Tren E 400mg/week 1-12
Anadrol (ORAL) 50mg/day weeks 1-4
Winstrol (ORAL) 50mg/day weeks 8-12

So you didn’t have any problems with estrogen, that’s good, Did you use an AI during that cycle? What was your weight at the beginning and at the end of that cycle? Did you get bloods?

To be honest I’ve never done a cycle before but this subject does interest me especially the theories, I’m curious what those with knowledge and experience would advice, maybe there is a golden ratio between tren and masteron

For me personally I think 150mg test, 100mg tren, and 200mg masteron per week for 12 weeks would be perfect for me right now. And that’s taking into consideration my bloods. I also think that blast for me would improve my health long term, and I wouldn’t start the cycle until my diet is dialed in. But I’m not going to do this cycle anytime soon, I’m still doing research and tweaking the numbers. I’ll probably do it in around a couple of years. There are other blasts I’m planning for first in the meantime that would improve my health before trying tren.

I think 100mg tren for me would have the same anabolic effect as 200mg tren for most other guys. I also think my max dose of tren right now is 300mg per week. I think more than that at my current stage would probably give me too much negative sides

Thanks for the feed back layman. I did not use an AI during the cycle. I probably should have. I did have the sensitive nipples at one point but not anything that was a major problem. Unfortunately I did not get bloods. My weight before i started was around 220 and at the end I was about 230 34" waist.

I think this time around I’m going to go with a lower dose all the way around. I got bloods about 2 months ago and my T levels were a little low so my doctor prescribed 100mg a week to try and get them back to normal. Just went back 2 weeks ago and they were still not “normal” range for my age. He bumped me up to 150mg a week and told me to come back in 2 months. I did not inform him that I will be doing my own hormone therapy within the coming weeks. I will cross that bridge when i get to it.

Do you have any recommendations on somewhere that would administer blood test while on cycle? My current dr is just a family medical physician I doubt he would advise me on my current situation but hey you never know. What kind of Dr does one go to that would monitor them through a cycle?

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Your family doctor sounds really good so far actually, at least he didn’t start you on 200mg test once every 7 days with an Ai. What was your TRT injection frequency on 100mg per week? I’m really interested to see your blood test results, if you post it in the TRT forums there alot of knowledgeable guys who can have a look

I think you can get really good results on a well designed cycle, If you can afford it you could contact a coach like Dr Greg Doucette or Derek from more plates more dates, that’s what I would do if I could afford it, I think they give really good advice, other than that I think your looking for a anti aging clinic/TRT clinic. @highpull can advice you on that. He would need to know where you live…

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TRT injection as prescribed is once a week 1/2 cc. Thanks for the advice man!

Haven’t used tren, but if I did I would use trt levels with the test to ensure that complications would be known to be the tren. It is a powerful drug, so I would just let it do the work.


I agree, especially since his goal is to get as lean as possible

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Since you changed your TRT protocol 2 weeks ago I feel responsible to let you know from the information I’ve come across I think most guys feel better injecting 100mg test every 5 days, instead of 140mg once every 7 days if they need 140mg test per week to feel optimal. I think you should start a thread in the TRT forum and ask the TRT community for advice on how to optimise your TRT protocol

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