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Advice on Test Booster


Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be bad for me - a 23yr old - to take a test booster like Alpha Male by hurting what I naturally produce or something along those lines?

I ask because I never have morning wood and can go a whole day or two without an erection which seems far from normal based on what I read from others on this forum. Even sometimes when I am with a woman I do not get an erection. It seems like my desire and arousal levels are very low. I got blood taken today but the last time I did the doc said I have normal t-levels, but that is just real hard to believe.

Thanks in advance.


Most doctors will say your test is fine if it is in range. Best to get a copy of your results and post them up. Don't leave the doctors office without your results.

I have never used Alpha Male so can't comment on it. But I tend to think supplements like this won't get the job done if you have an underlaying issue.

Post your results when you get then.


Definitely agree with above. Don't take your doc's word for it, get copies of all your labs. You're a paying customer.

Test boosters seem to work for guys with midrange-or-above Test levels, not really for hypogonadal guys.


Ok thanks for the input I will ask for a copy of my results and post em up in a week or two.

In the meantime, would it be harmful in anyway for me being 23 to take a test booster like tribulus which apparently boosts LH. Like 1500mg daily... Could that be detrimental at all in any way? And should I cycle with straight tribulus because the product from ultimate nutrition does not specify?

Thanks again guys!


Tribulus has failed to raise testosterone levels in every study I've seen. Whether it has androgenic or virilizing effects via some other pathway, maybe...who knows?

I'd recommend getting labs and trying to establish your base problem before you run off and start medicating yourself with dubious herbs, solely based upon subjective symptoms.


I wouldn't bother taking any Test boosters until you've done the basics physiologically (Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, and selenium) to support an optimal hormonal profile. Optimize those four through blood work and your onto greatness. At some point i'll probably make a huge thread relating to those 4 vitamins/minerals on how they affect your hormonal Status, blood work included.