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Advice on Switching to DC


I'm trying to decide if DC training is right for me or if I should look into another program and try DC later.

My Stats:

Weight: 195lbs
BF%: 12%
4 years Training

1 Max Rep:

Bench: 240
Dead: 250 (Recovering back sprain)

Right now I am trying to go for just shear size and it seems that with DC training it can help me reach that goal. I do not have training ADD and don't switch up routines frequently. (I've used about 3 different programs over the course of my training.)

However Is my weight and strength adequate for DC training currently? I know I can keep the intensity that I've heard about while reading some of the forums about DC. I just want to know if I should wait till i'm stronger or if DC will work at my current level.




No. Wait until the weights are higher. Much higher. Like at least 100lb+


You should go to www.intensemuscle.com/dogg-pound.html and read up on some stickies for more info.



4 years to get to those lifts?




I wasn't eating properly for a while as I was staying in a weight class for wrestling. I had a few injuries along the way too.

So maybe saying four years is a bit of an exaggeration.


Ok well I see that i'm not ready for DC, yet.
Can anyone suggest a good program for a somewhat intermediate lifter? Any help is appreciated.




Don't know what you current program consists of, but it really depends on what you want. If you just want sheer size, then you could just increase the volume and/or frequency and eat a ton. However, if you want to be strong enough to do more advanced programs like DC, then you are going to have to up the intensity (and still eat a ton) to build up your strength.


I want to be strong enough to be able to use DC at some point


I still don't understand why DC requires so much god-damned consultation before starting or while doing!

Several articles have been published on the thing and there are thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of thread pages on the internet!

I've never seen one other style of training require so much fucking hand-holding!

Read some articles, design a fucking DC workout for yourself, get in the gym, and do the fucking routine!


Could someone either post a link or give a general explanation of what combat pyramids are? While searching through programs Prof. X and Tribunaldude, and others mentioned them and they sound interesting. I haven't been able to find them through a search or google. Thanks

I know what a pyramid set is but what makes a combat pyramid set?


250 deadlift, jeepers.


You're either a troll or really need to develop some common sense.

Follow the basic routine he describes if you're not a troll...


After 4 years your number should be much higher. Your numbers show that you like to stay with 'safe' weights. This shows a lack of drive and fear. Get your bench to 300+, squat to around 450 and your dead up to around 500. After this you won't need our opinion and guidance on what path you should take training wise.


Rocky, how is this a matter of fear? What if he never trained properly in order to get those numbers or is simply incapable of reaching them?

I don't fear lifting a car overhead, but no matter how hard I try, I can't do it.


I just meant a fear to push it hard to improve or to step outside their comfort zone, some have a fear of fatigue and testing their limits(within reason not trying to lift a car overhead :wink:. Maybe the OP, instead of posting his numbers, should post how much muscle he has gained in those 4 years since there are some big guys with not that high of numbers, or post a pic. But in my experience if you have to ask people if you are ready for something you usually aren't, and if you have to ask to seek someone else approval for YOU being ready,that to me shows fear.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all-Vince Lombardi


True, it's more likely that he did too much with too little intensity, switched routines a lot and didn't eat enough.


Just so it wasn't missed, lol.