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Advice on Supplement Plan

Okay, I’m starting to get handle on what supp combinations work best for me. Starting…

I just came off an Alpha Male bottle and before that I did RED KAT. Now I’m doing the RED KAT again and I’ve decided that the Alpha Male will be the way to go when this bottle is finished. I’m also going to try some Carbolin 19 with it.

I want to try and work in a HOT-ROX cycle for looking good nekkid this spring and summer.

Or should I continue on with a 2nd or continous Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 supplementation?

I am a competetive powerlifter. I currenlty weight 218. I would like to compete this spring in the 198lb class without losing too much strength. I have dropped 10 lbs since the 1st of jan and while my squat has dropped a few lbs. my dead and bench are still making good progress. I attribute that to the Spike and Alpha Male…and hard work and finally getting over the popcorn and ice cream late night festivals.

So I’m looking for your experiences or advice.

Also, I’m 43. I don’t expect all this to happen overnight, This is a lifelong process for me and just looking to learn.


Give the Alpha Male/Carbolin 19 stack a fair trial before worrying what you’ll do afterward. If you have results like I have you’ll want to stick with it.

Its my understanding I can do a few months on that combination without a break also.