Advice on Strength Training, Fat Loss

Uh Ronnie Coleman…


The blokes got no delts, makes me feel better about myself :joy:

Ohhh, that Coleman.

Coleman is a character in Tim Dorsey novels. While I’m familiar with Ronnie Coleman, he’s certainly not a part of my daily cultural milieu.

Get I just ratted myself out.

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Is he natty?

Oh no bro, he’s wickedly enhanced - stoned AF 24/7!

Apologies for interrupting your Coleman discussion but just wanted to say I purchased the Beyond 5/3/1 e-book and seen how much reading I have to do. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I should start I’d welcome that. But for now I fancied giving 5/3/1 Beach Body Challenge a go and then either repeating it or moving on to one of the programs in the book.

dude just get in the gym and do something

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Start with PR sets followed with multiple FSL sets, then two assistance exercises for a total of 50 reps each.

I would recommend

Press day
Superset FSL sets with pull-ups, or fatman pull-ups if you can’t do pull-ups
Close grip or DB bench
Barbell rows

DL day
Front squats
Back raises supersetted with ab wheel rollouts or hanging leg raises

Bench day
Superset FSL sets with pull-ups/fatman pull-ups
Dips or incline DB or barbell press
DB rows

Squat day
Lunges or split squats supersetted with back raises

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