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Advice on Starting Strength


Im currently on Starting Strength and want to switch over to 5/3/1 only problem is that I'm having some programming adhd with the templates an variations, I like the full body approach so I was thinking Jim Wendler's letter to his young self or Full body option, but I want to keep everything simplistic , any advice . should I stick with SS ass I progress (reason for thinking of switching is lower back soreness possibly from squatting 3x a week, no assistance, boredem. )


Why are you doing starting strength what are your goals?


Hey dude, I’m similar to you in that I want to try everything at once, and flip flop around because I get worried about lagging body parts etc.

What I would suggest is the Boring But Big template for AT LEAST 3 rotations (12 weeks). Try and limit yourself to 1 assistance training exercise (I like to go for an antagonist movement to the main lift). So my Bench day would look like this: Bench 5/3/1, Bench 5x10+, Kroc rows 5x10+
I put the + to indicate that 10 is a target minimum, if I felt good, I’d shoot for more reps, but not at the cost of future sets.
Patience with BBB is key man…I’m telling you I legit got stronger everywhere. Chin ups? added about 15 reps to my max sets. Dips? can do sets of 10 with 40kg relatively easily now. C&J? stronger too, and much faster off the floor too. I’m not competitive lifter or anything special

If you’re anything like me, almost try and forget about the assistance work, it doesn’t matter compared to the barbell work. Try and go in with the mind set that you’re only going to do the Big Lifts, then see how much you have left in the tank. If 5x10 seems like too much volume, give yourself the option of 3-5 sets, it will take the stress off of worrying about doing so many sets, but also let you push yourself when you’re feeling good.

My assistance looked like this (if you care at all):
Press, (a) press 5x10+, (b) chin ups 5x10+
Deadlift, (a) deadlift 5x10, (b) ab wheel 5x10+
Bench, (a) bench 5x10+, (b) Kroc rows 5x10+
Squat, (a) squat 5x10, (b) calf raise 5x10+

Hope this helps in any way. Just stick at it man, Big Lifts = Big Results…assistance is secondary


[quote]Ryancoburn wrote:
Why are you doing starting strength what are your goals?[/quote]

To gain strength, I was using starting strength because its a minimalist approach and it has a full body mindset which I think is key for gaining strength and mass


Thanks , Great input , So you feel the full body squatting 3 times a week is too much ? , Also you would rather BBB template over Jim Wendler’s letter to his young self ? , I am 21 main lifts bench 255, Squat 280, Dead 305, Press 105


I have done the fullbody template and it works.
Stick to it for atleast 6 months and you will gain strenght and muscle on it.
(first 2 months 40/60/70%x5 on the extra squats then two months 65/75/85%x3 and then 75/85/95% 3,3,1 if I remember correctly)

I will do it again after a few months of cutting some fat.


[quote]Richieavella721 wrote:
Thanks , Great input , So you feel the full body squatting 3 times a week is too much ?[/quote]
No, different programs.

Again, no. you must choose what is best for you. At the end of the day, do what you like. it’s your body. But make up your own mind instead of relying on someone else’s answer.