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Advice on Starting Strength Program

I am currently thinking of trying the starting strength program. From what i hear its great for beginners to pack on strength and muscle. The thing is though i have been training the last 3-4 months pretty intensive. I trained 3-4 days a week and the rest of the week let my body recover though. When i go back to the gym i will have been away almost two weeks. Thought i would take a break. My question is when i go back since i have been lifting on a reg. basis for 3-4 months would this program still benefit me as much as a new beginner or should i add a bit more volume or and exercises?

My typical workouts for the last 3-4 months have centered around doing one big lift each session.One day it would be the bench and other chest exercises and then a minor muscle like triceps. Another day deadlifts then back and abs and so on.

My goal is to add size and weight considering i have been hovering around 155lbs for the last month or two. Also i have started doing weighted pullups and chinups. Should i keep doing this with this program or will the powercleans be plently enough?

This below is the starting strength program im thinking of trying out for a month or two. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys

Workout A:
Low Bar Squat: 3x5
Bench: 3x5
Deadlift: 1x5

Workout B:
Low Bar Squat: 3x5
Standing overhead press: 3x5
Power Clean: 5x3

If you’ve only been lifting for 3-4 months, you should see some pretty decent gains. Make sure you eat enough, if you’ve been stuck at the same size for a few months, you probably need to eat more then you are now. The workout itself looks fine, you might want to check out the starting strength guide thread here in the beginner’s forum for a little more information.

Yea my eating might be the problem with packing on weight. The thing though is that i was at my MOS School at Camp Lejeune and i had a cafeteria full of good healthy food three times a day which i would pig out at each meal and i still couldn’t gain weight. Im thinking of trying a half gallon to a one gallon of milk a day in addition to what i eat to get more protein and calories in. Who knows maybe that will work.

Drinking to much milk can cause kidney stone due to the high level of calcium.

try eating every two hour with protein on every meal, if you drink a weight gainer do it with the milk and PWO take your shake without the milk, all though drink the milk before bed, but not too much of it.

[quote]Arnoldrocks wrote:
Drinking to much milk can cause kidney stone due to the high level of calcium.

Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication. Electrolyte imbalance and tissue swelling can cause an irregular heartbeat and or fluttering eyelids.

Seriously though, a gallon of milk for this program won’t land you in the emergency room for kidney stones.