Advice on Stacking Orals

I have been stock piling a bunch of orals and want to know the best way to stack them. I want to do a cutting phase, a bulking phase, and then another cutting phase. Here’s what I have:

2. MAG-10
(2a,17a di methyl eticholan 3-one,17b-ol)
6. M
7. 6-OXO
8. Carbolin 19

I would appreciate details if possible such as; duration of cycle, time of day for dosage, and whether to take with food or an empty stomach. I want to get the most bang for my buck.

By the way, I’m 35 years old lifting on and off for tweleve years. I lift three times a week and do martial arts two to three times a week.


an all oral cylce is not wise. research some more.

my suggestion is learn more about gear,

I realize this but do not want to get into needles. I was thinking one month on, then one month off using Carbolin 19 and possible M or 6OXO or RED KAT. I plan to go on and off for four to six months. I also plan on user a liver supplement like Milk Thistle. What are the best combinations for the “on months” and “off months”.

why not use a transdermal test base or androgel with your oral.

I’m not a steroid expert, but I know enough to know that you should do some real PCT and not just rely on M and Carbolin 19.

[quote]umaplata13 wrote:
I realize this but do not want to get into needles. [/quote]

You have a psychological aversion to needles, then. Either you associate them with heroin users (“real druggies”) or are just phobic of them (hemophobia, or something related). In either case, the aversion you have to using needles is not warranted, and is something you ought to work through before you sacrifice your liver for a misconception or phobia.

No psychological aversion to needles, I just don’t want to take that next step over the legality line. D-bol is as far as I will go and I won’t do it again. Also, I have no idea how to get needles or use them.

That being said, I decided to do a two month experiment broken down to three weeks on two orals, three weeks on Carbolin 19 + M, and two weeks off everything. Depending how that goes I may do it again for a total of four months.

Back to my original question, what are some good oral combos that will give me a synergistic effect?

A all oral stack really isn’t a true cycle. It will take its toll on your liver big time. Do some serious thinking before comitting to something like that. That said, D-bol with clomid for 8 weeks is the safest thing that comes to mind. Your call big man

you might want to look into anavar. while it won’t put alot of size on you, it has very little side effects. look around a little more, theres alot of good info out there. is a good place to start

D-bol by itself is legit, but anyone you ask will probobly tell you your going to be wasting it without staking it with at least some form of test or Deca. I’ve gotta think the results are gonna be night and day. Maybe not worth the time depending on how much d-bol your taking.