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Advice on Stack: Bold, Test, Preema, Anabol, Anapolan

Hello there
I need an advice on a combination / stack that involves following steroids:
Boldinone 250mg
Testosterone 400mg
Preema 100Mg
Anabol 5mg
Anapolan 50mg
I’m 28 and weigh 69kg with 5 years of building experience.

Ok a lot of guys on here will get after you for asking others to layout your cycle. It really doesn’t effect the out come that much because any given person will usually give the same input if certain compounds are in the mix but you should propose a cycle layout. They will still usually given the same advice but if you just say “what would you do with these compounds” they tend to go off. Really it doesn’t make sense beyond people don’t want to give advice without all the facts because you can hurt yourself with this stuff.

Now you need to include a few things as well. Cycle history, previous compounds that you have used, what do you want out of this cycle.

Also even though we can probably guess what compounds you have listed those are UGL names for compounds. For instance I assume preema is UGL for primo which is metenalone but I am not 100%, and I can presume it is the enanthate ester given the concentration but I don’t know that. Is anabol dbol aka Methandrostenolone?
Really it is ridiculous but these UGLs make this shit more complicated than need be.

Since I think anapolan is Oxymetholone then unless you are very experienced in AAS I don’t think a cycle with two orals is a good idea or even called for.

Just clear up what you are wanting to use. Tell us what you want out of the cycle. Propose a cycle layout and duration of the given compounds at a given dosage.

And one last thing, I think you have four aromatizing compounds listed yet no aromatase inhibitor…are you sure you are ready for this cycle?


So you have what’s called the kitchen sink cycle. You’re basically just throwing everything in there and then…gains…I guess?

The thing is you need to have a reason to run each compound. Each one will do something a little different and that means you can maximize what you get out of your cycle by planning it out and using some basic science.

I assume “preema” is primobolan. If so then 100mg will not get you any closer to your end result. Primo is loved because it’s so mild, but that means you need a larger amount to get relative gains. And it’s stupid expensive.

Anapolan is anadrol, which should absolutely not be in a beginner’s cycle. Too many variables with that one.

What is your goal? If it’s size then test, dbol, and bold should be more than enough to get you there.

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First of all thank you so much for this detailed response. Previously I had a cycle of growth hormone (lilly) with testolic for 2.5 months and after that with the time gape of 8 months, I did another cycle of deca and sustanon with a single pill of nolvadex for 1.5 month. I did PCT for this cycle as adviced by trainer with the 2 injections of IVF-C 5000IU once in a week and provinon and clomid for next 20 days. Now 6 months has passed and I’m given this combination that I shared with you. My purpose is some serious muscle gains with cutting and without much fat.
Yes for sure these can be UGL names of the compounds. This given cycle will be 6 weeks long.
I have not been told about aromatase inhibitor, pls help me with that.

thank yo so much for response. Yes my purpose is muscle gains without much fat. I don’t know the reason to run each compound, I am sharing this to take your advice, this cycle has been told by my trainer but before I use this, I want advice and more knowledge about this. I want to use this with least risk of side effects.

If that’s the length then don’t plan on using bold or primo. Frankly six weeks isn’t really long enough to make real, keepable gains that are worth the risk.

How long do you suggest it should be and how long will it keep those gains ?

Six weeks is not long enough for serious or really any significant gains. I know guys do these short cycles but usually that is for a cut and that is so they can recover quicker to do another short cut cycle.

If you are set on using EQ then you need to run it for 12 weeks at the absolute minimum. Really you should be running it for 15 weeks give or take.

Are you dead set on EQ?

Or are you wanting to run a shorter cycle? You can do some decent gaining on a 8 week cycle but that calls for specific compounds and or esters.

Whatever you decide you have no need for two orals, period. Pros that are 6 foot 250 lbs with less than 10% body fat MIGHT be at the point where two orals are called for.

Aromatase inhibitors are compounds or Medicines that attach to the aromatase enzyme so that the enzyme can not attach to something like testosterone and break it down into estrogen. Your listed compounds contained four compounds that can convert into estrogen. Two of the compounds, your two orals are very succeptable to being turned into estrogen at a higher precentage than most compounds.

The three main aromatase inhibitors are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Those are trade name’s not pharmacutical compound names. Read up on them. Femara is heavy duty and very harsh on your lipids so I recommend you staying away from it unless you find out you need it or the other two don’t work for you.

Just so you understand the aromatase enzyme is how your body helps control the level of testosterone. Whenever your body detects an excess of testosterone then it releases the enzyme to help lower the excessive level of test. When we take a cycle of wet compounds or compounds that can convert into estrogen our bodies produce much higher levels of the enzyme. Some guys don’t react to the extra estrogen that is created but they should still ALWAYS have an aromatase inhibitor on hand just in case. No one wants bitch tits and that is what will happen if your estrogen gets high enough.

So do you want to run EQ or do you want to run a shorter cycle of 8-10 weeks? 6 week cycles are really best for cutting and even then that is not the most effective way to run a cut.


8 weeks is perfectly fine for me, can’t go longer than 8 weeks and I can drop those two orals too for safety measures and add an aromatase inhibitor. Will it work fine ?
Can Nolvadex work as an aromatase inhibitor? How would you suggest to use Nolva with these compounds.
I’m sorry i’m not much familiar with bodybuilding pharma terms. I have an idea of what EQ is but not sure if its that. Can you pls explain EQ ?

EQ is Equipoise AKA boldenone undecylenate/undecenoate, a long-acting compound in your proposed cycle.

Ok if you are committed to an eight week cycle then I will list what is an option.

First get testosterone proprionate for your base. You should pin 100 mgs every other day OR if you can swing it and it would be better this way, 50 mg every day. You will need three bottles of test proprionate 100.

Other things you could stack would be,
NPP aka nandrolones phenylpropionate, this is basically quick Deca a and since you have run Deca before
Everything else that is short ester is a DHT family so it works better in a cut cycle.

If you wanted then you could do a test base with a dbol for up to six weeks then on top of that you could run masteron proprionate this would help keep your gains lean and quality. You could use the last two weeks as sort of a quick diet / cut.

If you wanted you could even do just a test and winny cycle. This will get you a few quality pounds but not huge gains.

Just so you know boldenone is the hormone in EQ they do have boldenone cypionate out there available from some UGLs. I have never used it. They also have boldenone acetate, people report reactions to this version, like allergic reaction. Chances are your source doesn’t have them but just so you know they are out there.

Really with going the short cycle route and wanting to gain as much as possible you really only have NPP as an option. But test NPP and a dbol kicker will get you gains but you have to watch the estrogen.

For an AI see if your source has arimidex aka anastrozole or aromasin aka exemestane. See which one you want and let us know, I can kind of line out how you can approach dialing in your dosage.

Yea I hear some guys get terrible fevers on it, and apparently the PIP is awful.

Can I get a price list and or your website