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Advice on Squat Progression

Background information:
I’m 21 and have been training for 2 and 1/2 years. In that time I have gone from 140lbs to 172lbs at a height of 5’10. Most of my gains have been on either a total-body program or an upper/lower split. I trained primarily for rugby but since my team has been suspended and I have another month before I study abroad in Spain I have been primarily focused on hypertrophy for the past 2 months since my season ended. Since mid-November I have gone from 165 to 171 on this program that I developed.

Monday - Upper - concentration on horizontal pushing and pulling, vertical still included.
Tuesday - Lower - hip dominant
Wednesday - Weaknesses (arms)
Thursday - Off
Friday - Upper - vertical pushing and pulling, some horizontal included
Saturday - Lower - quad dominant
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

My strength has grown tremendously due to the 3,600 - 4,000 calories I take in on a daily basis. In addition to using this pre-workout protocol. I have the metabolism of a humming bird on crack because I have done zero cardio and have stayed as as lean as I am in my profile picture (taken at the end of november).

90 mins - Alpha-GPC
40 - 1 FINiBAR
30 - 1/2 Surge Workout Fuel
During - 1/2 Surge Workout Fuel
After - Surge Recovery.

A few of my new Pr’s
Flat Bench - 235 x 7 (3 weeks ago, now doing incline)
Chin-ups - BW x 50 for 5

And today I squatted 315 for 12.

My question:

Should I try for 15 reps next week or go heavier, say 335,350 and try for as many as possible? I will provide a video for proof next week as well.

I’m sorry I overloaded you with information, usually members don’t included enough and people end up asking questions anyway so I thought I would cover all the bases beforehand.

Well progression is progression. Whether you add weight or do more reps, doesn’t matter.

If I get stuck at a particular weight for a certain amount of reps, I add weight, even if that means dropping a few reps. Then when I go back to the weight I was stuck at, I can exceed it.

I would say join Fitness Factory and then we’ll talk progression LOL