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Advice on Squat Form

Good evening everyone. I am relatively new at lifting and would greatly appreciate feedback for my squat. Thank you for taking the time to help.

You need to anihalate your upper, lower back, glutes, and hams. Your backside is extremely weak and as you fatique its really hurting you.

You’re a bit high as well. Hip crease isn’t breaking parellel. Make sure your keeping everything tight.

I appreciate the responses so far. I guess to be more specific, I am asking for help to make my squat smoother and deeper. I currently am foam rolling, stretching, and practicing body weight squats for depth. For my posterior chain I am deadlifting, and performing good mornings and kettlebell swings. It seems like I have trouble with the weight once I get to 3 plates on each side, and am at a loss for fixing it.


If you can squat deep with lighter weight, then it is just the strength from the bottom position you are lacking. Box squats have helped me get stronger at the bottom of my squats. I usually use a 12"-14" box. You will need to start light (lighter than 315).

Personally, I haven’t done any foam rolling or static stretching and I don’t have any depth issues.

Just try to squat deeper and sit in the hole with 135 for 60 seconds or so.

Big tall chest, push your knees apart. For pushing your knees apart think about not just pushing through your heels from spreading the floor apart.

Also, keep everything tight.

Go lighter and only add weight when you know you’re getting low enough for the lighter weight. Don’t be in a hurry to throw on more plates