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Advice on Split/Routine/Exercises


hey guys,just looking for some feedback on my workouts.Im looking to build mass so any advice is much appreciated.I always mix up my exercises each session depending on which equipment is available,but generally do the same number of sets,and always do bench,squat,deadlift.
Have had good results so far

MONDAY-----BICEPS(12 sets,8/10 reps),standing/seated barbell curl
preacher curl
hammer curl
incline d/bell curl

       TRICEPS(12 sets,8-10 reps),close grip bench press
                                  overhead d/bell extension
                                  weighted dips
                                  lying tri extension

TUESDAY----LEGS(25 sets,8-12 reps),5 sets of squats
5 sets of legpress/hack squat
5 sets of leg extensions
5 sets of hamstring curls
5 sets of standing/seated calf raise


THURSDAY---- CHEST(16 sets,8-10 reps)flat barbell/Dbell press
incline barbell/Dbell press
weighted dips
flat/incline flyes
cable crossover

         SHOULDERS(10 sets,8-10 reps)overhead barbell/Dbell press
                                     upright row
                                     side lateral raises
                                     bent over laterals

FRIDAY---- BACK(16 sets,8-10 reps)pull ups
dead lifts
t-bar row
lat pulldowns
bent over row
one arm Dbell rows


any feedback much appreciated

cheers guys


To tell you the honest truth, it doesn’t seem that bad. Yes, the volume seems pretty large, but if you’re only doing ONE top set per exercise, then in reality volume would be kept in check quite nicely.

I would also split the legs up and do quads and hams on different days. I don’t know how or why it happened, but for some reason many people will split their upper body up like there’s no end, but cram all their lower body work on one day. I would break up legs even further if I were you.

Just make sure you don’t go to failure on EVERY set, just ONE top set per exercise.

Have fun :wink:


I agree with Forbes on splitting quads/hams, as it seems really unlikely that you’ll keep training with good intensity for 20 sets…If you want to keep tuesday as your only leg day, at least start with quads on a week, and hams on the following.
I also suggest not to work shoulder the day after chest, as your front delts will still be fatigued. I’do go with chest/back/shoulders


As the others said… Ramp up if you want to do that kind of thing instead of doing all sets at the same weight… Plus, you said you mix things up all the time… Ok, I’d really at least keep 1 main exercise for every major muscle-group the same… You got to actually progress after all.


Sorry to hijack the thread. I have always done my legs as a single unit on one day, could someone provide a basic example of what the do for a quad/ham split? Thanks


If you have gotten good results so far, you dont need to be asking us for advice. Just keep doing it, and make little changes as needed.


cheers guys

thanks for the good advice