Advice on Slow Bulk?

Hello all,
I’ve posted here infrequently before and I’ve appreciated the feedback. Currently been leaning out a little the past few weeks and now looking to add some muscle while I’m still in my “prime” (22yo). Right now eating around 2,000, lower carbs in the 100s - mid 200s on a high day. Fairly low fat at the moment. Id like advice on how best to form my training and diet around each other to best compliment gaining mass while minimizing the fat. (Don’t we all want to know, haha) I’ve probably been seriously training and eating the last 2 years with a mostly 3-day/wk full body program. I’ve included pics (flexed and unflexed) if that’s any help to anyone. No plans to compete, but like the category says, nothing wrong with wanting to be big and lean. Thanks in advance. And yes, I have many weak points.

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You look like you already know what you are doing.

Greg Doucette says add 200 calories to your diet and then see how that helps. Once you can’T see your abs, you have gotten fat.

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Greg has a hilarious channel, but love that he’s no frills.