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Advice On Sleep/Rest


I read everywhere - Lift Big - Eat Big - Sleep Big (or slightly different variations)

I like to think i'm doin my best on the first two but my sleeping pattern sucks.

I work the mid/late shift and usually get to sleep around 1:30-2:00am but beacause i dont have to be in work till 4pm sometimes. I can just lie in till lunchtime.

I'm just wondering if sleep quality is based on length or the ammount of hours you get of rest/sleep before 12pm. (i read somewhere that they're best hours)

So am I doing the right thing by sleeping for 10-11 hours a night or should i get my head down earlier?


I wouldn't worry that much about when you get to sleep so long as you get enough quality sleep. For me, it makes a HUGE difference about getting consistent sleep. The more consistent I am about going to sleep and waking up at the same time, the faster I fall asleep, and the less I need an alarm clock to wake up...I used to regularly wake up seconds before my alarm went off.


So aswell as lifting and eating, 'consistency consistency consistency' is the key. Ive had some gains in strenght and my weight just making sure i was doin the right things all round
thanks for the tip


I don't know the science, but don't you feel better when you're consistent, and doesn't how you feel make a big difference in how you lift in the gym? Consistent sleep gives me more energy. Consistent diet makes my digestive system work more smoothly.

I've made a slight change recently to my diet and sleep. Now when I wake up to piss, I try to take a couple sips of a premade protein shake in the fridge before going back to bed.


When you guys mean 'consistent' sleep, does it mean you go to bed at the same time everyday?


I think as long as you're getting 8+ hours of undisturbed sleep(except for the washroom) you will be just fine, if you can make your day revolve around your sleeping hours and it fits in, then theres no reason you shouldnt be able to recuperate and grow.


How do you feel when you get up? Refreshed? Are you recovering?
If the answers are "Yes", then you're OK.


i would say cut down your amount of sleep to 8 hours and use that extra 2 hours for another meal. Plus in my case if I sleep more than 7-8 hours i am tired for the whole day.


Thats a good point. If i stay in bed too long then i feel slugish the whole day too.


yeah its just like nutrition/diet. you have to experiment with the amount of sleep and see what best suits you.
good luck


Try experimenting with different amounts of sleep, I know I feel and look crappy if I get less than 10 hours a night. I only really began to notice this, this week because people kept telling me (one of my professors included) that I looked hung over. And that was with 9 hours of sleep a night.