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Advice on Separated Shoulder Ligament

getting some ART doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.
Kind of nervous about this one?
called a grade 1 separation.

one more

Talk to your doctor, get physical therapy.

These take a LONG time to heal, so start resting it now.

I separated my right shoulder almost 6 months ago and I’m still dealing with the aches and clicks.

hmm thats what mine looks like, i always wondered what had happened haha (ps, do things smart, and thorough, as it may never resolve itself unless you attack it agressively and know what and when to hold off on

!@@#$$!! FUCK.
Im getting ART every week.
gonna add acupuncture and myofascial deep tissue to the equation?

How did you guys fair with light upper body?
some back?

Ive cut out shoulders and all chest.

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Well the ART doctor I see , Is the Team Nike physician, works on the blazers, is also on call during the olympics.

The muscles around the ligament being tight and full of adhesions allowed paved the way for the ligament to be stretched.

Think if a knee IT band is very tight your prone for injury.

So far it has reduced the size and pain by about 30%

i had a grade 3 separation in january, and mine looks a good bit worse than yours.
as far as i can tell, the deformation is just aesthetic, my shoulder works fine but looks freaky as hell. just started getting into pullups again. much weaker, but no pain after i got into for a few sets. i’m trying to do a LOT of back/shoulders, since my PT said the biggest problem is having rounding at the upper back as a result. so lots of rows and such, and little to no pressing/pushing movements. i haven’t gotten into benching or overhead pressing yet. pushups have given me some pain so haven’t gotten into them yet either.

bottom line: get your muscles working again, and forget about how it looks. unless you get intense chiropractic, rolfing, PT, ART, deep tissue massage, and/or myofascial work, it will probably still look messed up.

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This is really shitty I had no idea how much this could set u back.
If anyone has advice on healing ? Or has healed?
All my prw are going down the drain this really sucks

a deadlift bad for it you think???

I’ve torn all the ligaments in my right ankle 2 1/2 weeks ago, and since then I’ve done a fair amount of reading and talking to people on ligament damage. This is seriously something you don’t want to mess with. They take a LONG time to heal. I know it’s frustrating and you want to train and not neglect anything, but seriously, you could be doing yourself some real, massive, long term damage by not letting them heal properly.

What’s more important… reaching your goal quicker, or not having completely phucked shoulders by the time you reach middle age?

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