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Advice on Second Blast of Test

hey fellow lifters. first post on this forum im 25 yrs old 5’11 currently 200 lbs and im on mu second blast of test cyp @ 330 mgs/wk and im trying to ask for advice for all the vets. im eating roughly 5500 calories and cant seem to put on any more weight. i was 175 LBM when i started and added calories along the way. i stopped gaining size after 4500 calorie mark now seems like any extra calories just adds fat. my macros curently are C: 700 F:110 P: 340



A few questions.

When did you start the blast?
Did you front load given the longer ester?

330mg is hardly a blast, it’s just a little over a TRT dose. You’d probably be better off adding more T and another compound that increases appetite such as EQ if you’re trying to add weight.

okay so i started the blast a month ago @ 400mgs/ wk and did labs a month in to see how it would effect me and my rbc shot up to 5.77 M/ uL (4.10- 5.70 M/uL) my hgb was 17.7 g /DL (13.0- 17.0 g/DL) and my Hematocrit was 53.6% (39.0- 51.0%) ALSO i had been on TRT for a year and never donated blood so my doctor told me to jjst stop completely. OBVIOUSLY i continued after i had JUST donated , but i dropped the dose to 330mg/ wk on this week and im hoping my labs would be more heathier range. im assuming that will effevt my muscle gorwth but what are your thoughts on that so far?

and to answer that second question, i have no idea what a front load is. still a newbie lol ive heard the term. whats frontloading?

A spike in hematocrit and hemoglobin is normal when taking large doses of exogenous steroids. Depending on what steroids you take, they can also trash your cholesterol, liver and kidney values.

It’s all a risk vs. reward for you. Steroids are analogous to smoking. They won’t kill you acutely (some can like insulin). But things such as testosterone, tren, Deca, and most orals will just be hard on your system and may shorten your life. All depending on how much you take and how often.

If you want good results with testosterone, then you need to be taking 500mg/week at a minimum. It’s one of the safer compounds. Just keep your estrogen in check. Have arimidex or aromasin on hand and take 0.5mg if you start to feel burning or itchy nipples. Donate blood at the end of your cycle which can go up to about 14-16 weeks if you wanted.

so the levels i had arnt harmful? becuase i was under the impression i can easily have a stroke with levels that high, says my doctor. i didnt know weather hes right or just trying to scare me but it worked which is why i dropped the dose. should i be worried or you think i will be fine to just spike to 500 in the next 2-3 injections. obviously ill be keeping a close eye on my blood as i have been

Well, I’m not a doctor, and you should listen to your doctor. But if it were me, I would continue the blast. Many performance Athletes intentionally spike their red blood cell count to increase the oxygen in their blood stream. They do this with steroids or blood doping. This is normal if you take steroids, and desirable in many sports (also look up high altitude training). Again, it’s risk vs. reward, and in my mind the risk is small and the blast is short and temporary. You want to worry about it more if it’s chronically elevated just on your TRT dose. That can cause problems.

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do you know if evelated ALT is normal as well. mine was 70 U/L (0-47 U/L) that was the other one i was wprried about but if thats normal as well then i will continue with my blast

Also, for any cycle you want to increase cardio and really watch your saturated fat intake. Just be active and have a healthy diet. You can also take something like red yeast rice for your cholesterol and can add NAC if taking oral steroids.

All those things will lower your risk of health issues.

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thanks for the advice!!! yeah i take NAC high absorption CoQ10 GABA fish oils liver support and low dose asprin, all help alot. and definately eating clean is a must. FORSURE!!

I haven’t personally had elevated ALT on testosterone, But N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) should decrease that while on cycle.

dam thats a problem then ill have to figure sonething out because ive been steadily taking NAC since i started. thanks again!

What is your TRT dose? Is it elevated on that dose?

Here’s my bloodwork on 500mg/week 250 test C + 250 test P. For reference.

Are you taking any other oral medications?

To be clear on my previous posts. If it were me, the high hematocrit/hemoglobin wouldn’t stop me. If you potentially have a preexisting liver issue, then I would for sure investigate that before cycling.

no its only shot up when i firat started at 400. and no i only take test and an ai when needed

man u r huge 200lb on just 300mg of test per week amazing genetic and hardwork of diet and training , many people taking around 1000gm of test per week just to get 200lb of bodywieght and u get it in just 300mg thats a fucking safe and low dose . amazing dude

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thanks that means alot! i started at 125 or 128 naturally got to 180 in a couple years and then pushed to 210 with just 330 mgs/ wk
its been along journey my friend! honestly never thought i woukd ever get up to 180 as i used to deal with drug abuse my teenage years :man_facepalming:…but the only way to go is forward!!! and tbh still feels like just the beginning of my fitness journey and i cant wait to see what the future holds! theres still SO MUCH to work on

so looking back at my past labs when i blast my ALT skyrockets out of range and when i cruise 250 its barely in range is that something i should be worried about?

Are you being sarcastic? He’s 5’11" tall. 200lbs at roughly 18-20% BF is totally achievable without any AAS.

@djshallen Nice work putting on mass. Do you have a reason for being on TRT at 25 years old? I think at this point you’ve put on enough size too quickly. Your composition is going to suffer and you may want to start a maintenance phase. You’re a respectable weight for your size now and need to focus on quality over quanity. Just my opinion. Your mid section is starting to suffer.


not gonna lie i have no idea how to cut as you can see :joy::joy:. currently 5500 calories and macros are posted on the top and recomendations would highly be appreciated. ive tried to cut in the past and i literally loose forearm/arm gains instantly. i have no idea how to cut and bulk hense why i said i have SO MUCH TO WORK ON
like i said please dont hesitate to give honest feedback to help me understand what i need to do next to continue my progress. i know my stomach area is chunky as fuck but honestly feels better then skin an bones at 130 which is why ive just been content with it. but im trying to maximize my gains so if i need to cut then i need to cut. if i can recomp then ill do that. but AGAIN i dont know the proper way to go about it. im newbie as fuck😅