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Advice on schedule of workouts

O.K. here’s the problem. Time of workouts - I am only able to work out on Thursday and Friday Nights 7:30 - 10:00pm (when the Gym closes) Get up Saturday - Back at the Gym on Saturday Between 12 - 3(I try not to go first thing in the AM - I just left the place at 10 the night before) Trying to lose weight and tone. I used to work with a trainer a few years ago and was in great shape. But due to a few setbacks - Financially and Medically I am finally able to workout with some consistency. My question is am I doing too much in this time frame? I try to split my workouts - chest/back one day, legs another day, Shoulder/Arms another. 10 Min cardio warm-up an Abs Workout and a 20 - 30 min Cardio workout (usually Tredmill walking)after lifting. Supplements using - Hydroxicut, L-Carnetine. Afterworkout - Use Protein Diet Shake since it is so late in the evening when I finish. I really can’t make it to the gym any other times since I go to school at night and work full time days.

What is the duration of your work out??? You should keep in within the hour if you are trying to lose weight. I would suggest 20-30 min Cardio sprint style which is 5min warmup and after that sprint 1min walk/jog 1 1/2 min for 20-30min. Then you hit the weights and do 2exercise per body part on a push-pull superset rotiune do 10 reps 3 sets. Upper body on one day lower one the next then upper again. next week switch do lower upper then lower.

Stay away from the HYDROXICUTS also not good for you… lose the intitial weight first then if you are looking to lose 5-10lbs then take it I don’t think you need Hydroxicuts at this point. By the way how much are looking to lose??? And whats your diet like are u eating 5-6 meals a day???