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Advice on SARM Stacks. LGD/Ostarine/Cardanine?

Hey guys,

I’m a noob when it comes to SARMs. I’ve done a little research but I was wondering what would your opinions be on a stack such as:

LGD 4033 - 10mg a day
Ostarine - 25mg a day
Cardanine - 20mg a day

To note: I’m currently on a Test Enanthate cycle (600mg/week). Would it be worth throwing it in there before I finish or after?

Currently running GW 501516 which is cardanine, its pretty awesome, I have been leaning out while bulking during a fucking 3 week training camp, LGD could be a good addition too

If you are running LGD ,make sure you have either HCG with it , or run some test E alongside. LGD is suppressive even at 1mg .

I tried it man definitely not worth it better off looking into real stuff