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Advice on Safe, But Effective Cycle


Hi, I am 21 years old, 6'2in and weigh about 140Lbs. I have been training and eating well for about a year and a half now every other day lifting heavy with compound exercises pushing myself to the limit every workout and although my strength and definition has greatly improved, gaining any significant size is extremely challenging for me. I eat about 6000 calories per day as I have lightening speed metabolism and have to liquidize my meals as I would never be able to stomach that much food in solid form.

Getting to the point I have been researching steroids for a while now and wanted to ask you guys for advice on a safe yet effective cycle to make me gain some mass. I have been thinking of taking 500mg/week of testosterone Enanthate with 30mg/day of Dianobol for 10 weeks followed by 20mg/day of Nolvadex for 3 weeks.

Do you think this would be a good starting cycle and what should I do If I start getting gyno or other problems? Are my dosages correct? Theres a lot of contradictory advice out there so wanted to get advice from someone who knows what their doing. I appreciate the help in advance.



6'2" 140lbs says it all. You definitely do not eat 6k calories per day. Liquid foods will not do you any good, stop being a little bitch and eat whole foods. Going from 0-60 with diet eating everything and anything wont help, you need to work into eating more and more food.

All in all. Lift heavy 5 days a week, eat some food for christs sake.


I am eating whole foods and I am eating very cleanly. Theres no difference between drinking your meals and eating your meals which shows you don't know what your doing, not only that but you gave no constructive advice whatsoever.


You looking to gain 10 pounds(if that) and then lose it all after your cycle? Because that is what is going to happen.

If you aren't growing and you are training like you say. Eat more. Steroids won't do shit if you can't grow past 140 lbs at 6'2.

You want to succeed? Admit that you don't know shit and start absorbing information.

As for the cycle. You need AI and your pct is dumb. You need to read more..,preferably for another year or 2. Break 200 pounds without becoming a fat fuck then you can consider steroids.


You claim to be eating 6K calories...prove it. Record a food log, and then post a day or so of what you are eating.

140 at 6'2" is nothing, you must be skin and bones. No way are you eating that much and training correctly. What lifting program are you following?

Besides that, you're only 21. Usually a good idea to wait a couple more years before you jump on the juice. And a year and a half of lifting is pretty young, more time in the gym is usually recommended here as well.


LOfuckingL at the 6' 2" anorexic eating 6000k a day! That's more than Ronnie Coleman used to eat! And I'm pretty sure Big Ron weighed more taht 140lbs... If you were really eating 6k calories a day you'd be fat as fuck.

Where do people get these numbers? And the foods are supposedly clean, so we're to believe it's what? 6k calories of chicken, brown rice and broccoli? Pullllease.


6k cal would be sufficient for someone sitting at 250. Liquid meals as in protein shakes are no where near as nutrient dense as whole foods, unless you blend up chicken and rice into mush which is beyond me. I got from 140 to 225 naturally and you say i dont know what im doing? Please. Dont come to any forums with your stats saying you eat clean and 6k cal and cant gain weight and think AAS is the answer at 6'2" 140


where's reed? shit i hope he's not getting burnt out like walkway did


A 6'2 140lbs kid tells an over 225lb dude he doesn't know what he's doing.

This same kid, hopefully devoid of an actual medical problem, claims to consume 6000 calories a day to maintain a bodyweight of 140lbs.

What a fine example of pure, unadulterated stupidity. Bravo kid, bravo.


Fella your only 21!

Let me be the wise old man and give you some advice. I was 20 at uni when I ran my first cycle and I was nowhere near ready for it. And I knew hardly anything compared to what I know now. READ READ READ READ and learn about what you are doing. Youve only just stopped growing, you maybe even having a late growth spurt. My advice is go away and read up on nutrition and training. Im interested to know what your diet and training looks like so if you can post that then that would be good.

Your about the same height as me give or take a couple of inches, but you only weight 140 lbs. Eating that many calories, regardless if your metabolism is fast, will not be beneficial for you. Your best bet is a steady increase in calories over a set period to allow your body to adapt. Theres no way your body will be able to use 6000 calories in a day. So that needs looking at. Again I dont see how drinking your meals helps lol. But if you want to blend up your meals to drink them rather than eat them then theres nothing wrong with that, just wont taste amazing.( not that rice and chicken tastes amazing :frowning: )

As for the cycle. If your just here just for advice on the cycle and not what people have to offer you in terms of your health then crack on mate. But again I would advise you to train some more before you consider gear.

The cycle is fine. Wouldnt run Dbol for the 10 weeks as its quite hepatoxic and will smash your liver. If this is your first cycle you really need to read up on what your putting into your body:

Test Enth: weeks 1-10
Dbol: weeks 1-4

You dont have any HCG in place or AI's, and your PCT looks pretty weak as well. Id consider running HCG for the duration of the cycle to prevent your nuts from becoming the size of a garden pea. And an AI to control estrogen if you start getting signs of high E2. With that PCT you will probably loose some considerable gains.


Oh and if your consuming 6000 calories to maintain 140 lbs of bodyweight then you have aids.


^We would definitely like to help him. But if he's going to stick to his story of 6000 calories a day, I'm afraid not much can be done. He already thinks he knows more about diet than a veteran after training for 1.5 years.

And again, as has been written countless times in multiple threads, if he can't eat enough to grow, what is he going to gain on cycle other than water weight?