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Advice on Routine

Hey guys,

Some bkgrd info…I got back into the gym this past jan and since then I have done OVT and TBT. I saw great results thus far and have put on 25 lbs…I am 5 away from my goal and by July 1st I will reach it.

What I would like to hear from you guys is your advice on my routine…I see a couple of flaws in it and am looking for advice to better it…

I liked OVT and TBT, but OVT I felt was too taxing up to this point (all those supersets kick ur ass) and with TBT, I didnt like how I needed a rest day after everyday I lifted…I felt I wasnt working out enough…With that said here is my current routine…

Day 1
Chest and Tris
16 sets for chest 8 for tris

Day 2
Back and Bis
16 sets for back 8 for bis

Day 3
16 sets for legs (4 front squat, 4 lunges, and 8 calf raises…i dont like how my calfs are lagging when compared to my thighs…any advice welcomed…Currently I do 4 sets high weight, low reps than another 4 sets low weight, high reps)

Day 4
20 sets
(4 sets of…shoulder press, front,side, and rear raises and shrugs)

REPEAT…to day 1

Okay, so i know i dont have a rest day…but I really dont get that sore, and trust me I push myself…(thighs usually get real sore though, not too much calves)…

I do shoulders right before chest and tris…and I would think (some guy at the gym pointed this out to me) that this would be too much on the tris, but again my tris arent that sore…Please advise.


First, everyone reacts different to a training stimulus, and if you are having fun and your program works for you, everything is fine, but it looks like way too much volume.

Try to get ~25-50 Reps per muscle group and increase weight accordingly.

(again, if high volume works for your, stick to it, just be sure to try everything)

Second, I’d switch Day 3 and Day 4. I don’t think it’s wise to train the supporting muscle group the day before you use that muscle group in a big compound (e.g. hitting shoulders before bench).

Deadlifts seem to be missing

[quote]Improvise wrote:
Deadlifts seem to be missing[/quote]

Tend to stay away since I have a herniated disc. But I when i was doing OVT and TBT i did do them.