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Advice On Routine

Hey. Im 5’10", between 161 and 164, 18% BF on calipers. I’ve developed a decent back but believed my chest was still lagging in development(ill have pics satereday). After having it said to me by a few friends, i started to pay more attention to it and will stop putting it off as one of those 'im probably deceiving my self and seeing what i want to see in the mirror.

Im thinking of trying to combine a Perfect 10 (chest and traps) with the ‘make your own’ HFT program and Gflux articles. I miss Oly lifts and want to try and incorporate them as well too.

Here is the split ive worked out; focuses on chest/shoulders and oly lifts(mostly cleans).
Goal: gain some size…slowly, but surely, gain some size. If i lean out a bit in the process…so be it!

8x3 @5RM [some supersets]
A1.BB Dec Bench
A2.DB Standing Military Press
B1.Dead Lifts
B2.Row to Neck
C.Close Grip BB Bench (4x3 only)
D.Power Cleans

2x12 @ 14RM
A1.BB bench
A2.Reverse Push up
B1.OH squat
B2.Leg raises
C1.Tricep Extensions (1x12)
C2.Reverse Curls (1x12)
D. Clean and Press

6x4 @ 6RM
A1.BB bench
B2. Lateral Shoulder Raises
C1.OH Skullcrusher (3x4)
D. Clean and Press

3x8 @ 10RM
A1.DB bench
A2.Arnold Press
B1.Front Squats
B2.Rotator Cuff work
C1.Close-grip Dec Bench (2x8)
C2.DB Lat Row (2x8)
D. DB Lunges
(Hoping to hit forarms and traps with the DB Lunges and taking off from any oly lifts that day).

To the best of my knowledge the routine fits into the mentioned articles and follows the big boy basics a bit too. I tried to minimize isolation excercises except for some minor shoulder work(rotator cuff and rear delt work) and arms.

Plan on doing light AM Cardio on lifting days and HIIT on Wed Fri and Sun. But thatll be up to how well recovery is going.

Diet: M Th S will be 3500+kcal days, focused on carbs and prot.

Tues will be a zone diet almost to keep with monday’s recovery and the workout but provide some healthy fats.

Wed - hopefully a real low carb, lots of P+F meals

Fri and Sun will include the usual breakfast (1c oatmeal, 1c milk, 1 sc protein, 1c berries) and then slowly taper to less carb more p+f type meals as the day goes on. 3000-3250 kcal on T W F and Sat.

Maintainance is calculated around 2800-3000 with activity. Calories will definately increase with time, but not too drastically all at once.

Basic Concerns: Really looking for info from some of the experts. Worried the program may be skewed too much towards some bodyparts/movements, which its supposed to be, but i dont want it to be imbalanced by not hitting other groups sufficiently.

The other one is using the oly lifts to wrap the workouts up, any comments? Which flat bench should i switch for incline, since its said to not use the same excercises often?

Appreciate it in advance.

As far as the routine goes I’d put the clean and jerks on there own seperate day, if anything don’t put them last in your workout. You probably won’t see the hypertrophy in a matter of weeks from doing olympic lifts but figure 3-4 months to really see some significant size, reason being: the muscle is under stress for a short period of time.

Another good method for putting on mass (in the long run) would be doing singles for 3 weeks at a time no more, no less, then going into an unloading phase (low sets, high rep). Singles work awesome when wanting to pack on size and power.

*Something that most routines lack are static exercises. Keep those in mind too.

Thanks alot, appreciate it!
So ill take the cleans out and replace with direct trap work (shrugs) and maybe some unilateral leg work/gasp flys on some days?? for Hypertrophy ofcourse.