Advice On Routine

Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some advice or criticism regarding my current routine.

MONDAY- Bench press (10 x 3 or 8x5) supersetted with Barbell rows(10x3 or 8x5)
Ez bar curl (5x3) supersetted with behind back dips

TUESDAY- squats (10x3 or 8x5)
stiff leg deadlifts (10x3 or 8x5)
Military press(6x4)
THURSDAY- Wide grip pullups x 25
Close grip chin ups x 25
Dips(5x12) supersetted with ez bar curls(5x8)

FRIDAY- Deadlifts(10 x 3)
Front squats(5x8)

A lot of it was taken from Waterbury articles, I just changed it to match my preferences. My present goals are focused on leg and back strength. Before I found this website I did no leg or back work and I did about 40 sets a week of arm exercises. Right now my bench press exceeds my row strength by about 100- 120 pounds. And my squat is pathetic.
Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Looks good give it a go.

Look like very breif but effective w/o’s

might consider adding some Ab work in somewhere.

Oh and whatis the plan of progression??

Let us know how it goes, way to attack the weeknesses.


Looks good and brief. Good job, however, you don’t have a balance with the verticle plain and horzontal. I’d add some horizontal pulling. The barbell rows is good, but not enough IMHO. It is a big movement that does compliment the bench, but you have more volume on external rotation than internal. It can be anything that depresses and retracts the scapula.


Looks solid. Only critique I have is that CW seemed to be against multiple 10x3s on the same day because of the strain they put on your system. But if you’re doing it and it’s working, keep it up

Thanks for the feedback fellas. I have realized the importance of balancing opposite plane movements. I had severe pain in my shoulders from benching, but it dissapeared only a week after lots of rowing. I worked up to benching 250 without any back training. My max bench is 280 and my max squat is around 240. Please feel free to make fun, I need the motivation.