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Advice on Routine for 1 Hour, 3 Days a Week?

I have been doing fierce 5 novice for sometime my numbers still are novice status but im hiting plateau already on my lifts, my question is would it be beneficial to change to something like 5/3/1, i like to lift 3x week and working out for about 1h, what kind of template should i do? Or just stay at a novice routine untill i rwally get intermediate status and change to a U/L since fierce 5 have a version of it.

Do you get a nice badge or something when you get to intermediate status? I will never understand that kind of mindset.

What are your goals and current progress towards those goals? If you want to be able to lift a certain weight, how close are you now? If you want to weigh a certain amount, how much do you weigh now? How much progress have you made?

I made some good progress, my goals are simple just want to stay in shape, srenght and size, so it can help me with my life. I dont like to stay more than 1 hour in the gym anyways

Be more specific please. Specific goals can be reached. Vague ideas stay as vague ideas.