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Advice on Routine Appreciatred

hi, first post, long time lurker. now my exams are over and a year out is beckoning, i have finally decided to stop messing about and get off my fat arse and lift some heavy iron. iv been doing hard landscaping since i was 16 and its given me basic strength, but no real size or def and doesnt burn the fat off.

im now 18, 5’10, 180lbs, quite a bit of fat- not obese, just porky, unlike some o my friends. iv been experimenting for a while, find out what my body responds to, recovery times, reading articles on tnation etc. i put this together last week and tried it out, seemed good. but i wanted some opinions from u guys/girls.

my ideal physique would that of a strongman NOT AN EMACIATED MALE MODEL, i know it take a good 5-10m years to achive this level but im prepared to put 110% into getting fitter and stronger, maybe even compete for fun. i work out at home with a entry lvl bench, bb, db 140lbs of plates, made some stuff like wrist curler, im lookin around for a keg and a squat rack(only able to lift 80lbs over head for squats) trying 2 find a place to do car pulls.

iv ordered 3kg of protein and going to cut the crap frm my diet and increase the good stuff etc. will post my 1RM for lifts when i find them out, if ur lucky maybe even pictures. please critique, i don’t to bugger up!

Nathan?s 10 Week Programme
Add 5lbs to every lift every week
Monday: 5x5

  1. Bench Press
  2. Squats
  3. Dynamic rows
  4. Dips
  5. Arnold press
  6. Gripper

Tuesday: 5x5

  1. Power Shrugs
  2. Russian twists
  3. Neck Work (up down, left right)
  4. Calve Raise
  5. Curls and Tricep Extensions

Wednesday: Endurance 20x2

  1. Weighted Pushups
  2. Deadlift (heavy 5x5)
  3. Squats
  4. Military press
  5. Rows
  6. Thor?s Hammer + Wrist Curls

Thursday: 5x5

  1. Power Shrugs
  2. Saxon Twists
  3. Neck Work
  4. Calve Raise
  5. Curls and Tricep extensions

Friday: Strongman 3x10

  1. Clean and Press
  2. Zercher squats (Conan?s Wheel)
  3. Car Push/Pull or Sled
  4. Crucifix (1 min x2)
  5. Farmers Walk

At end of programme: Increase lifts by 50lbs
Visible fat reduction
Visible muscle gain

i know it looks like alot but im used to physical labour on a daily basis and as i said iv already tried this for one week. oh and how much weight can the standard 1 inch york bb take, i dont want it snapping in the middle of a set, unless im filming it so i can post it on youtube


Good place to start, and yes it does look like a lot of work. You’re doing the right thing- you’ve started. Lots of people here might say try this or that- stick to your plan and adjust if needed. You may have to cut down on the amount of training - adress that when (if) you’re struggling to gain / train. If you decide to cut down a little maybe use Wednesday as a rest day or have a week off after 5/6 weeks. Another option is to cut some of the high rep stuff (stick with the heavy) untill you’ve got good mass gains. Remember to eat (don’t try to diet yet) and SLEEP!

thnk 4 replying. yeah i like sleepin