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Advice on Rest


im in need of a little advice!im 5 weeks out from my first ever show,i have been training hard and my diet has been tight,but im exhasted!both physically and mentally and its really taking its toll on my family(two young children and husband!)i have a very lean upper body and now my legs are starting to come through..i train 6/7 days a week 3 weight days with cardio and cardio the other 4 days.im worried to take some time out to rest my body just in case i mess all my effort up?

i have a few photos i can show you but they were a month ago and i am leaner now but my daughter broke my camera!!
please help an exhausted working mother of 2!rest or keep up the intensity for another 4 weeks?


Hello to a fellow English person. I'd advice posting the question over at www.figureathlete.com - that's where the show girls hang out. Most of the ladies here are into powerlifting or general strength training rather than figure/physique classes.

I'd advise extreme caution - from the photo it looks as though you've dieted down to an unhealthy level (which may be what they want on stage, but isn't going to do you much good in life) and it's taking its toll on your energy levels. There have been more than a few cases of figure contestants ending up with hormone disorders (and eating disorders, but that's a whole other topic) after running themselves into the ground.

Do also be prepared for post contest rebound which is often accompanied by depression. The FA ladies will fill you in, I'm sure. Best of luck.