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Advice on Recovery After a Cycle?

Hi guys,

I was hoping someone could help me out recovering properly after a cycle. I’ll try to explain my case as briefly as I can. I’m 24m, I’ve done cycles in the past which were irresponsible and lasted longer than they should have been (several months ). The first one of these i did without running any hcg or serm, I felt heavily shutdown.

After completing this cycle I did the power pct, I waited approximately 4 to 6 weeks from my last shot of testosterone untill i started the power pct. I measured my testosterone levels prior to the power pct which were around the 250ng/dl mark. After the two weeks of hcg alone my testosterone levels had risen to around 600ng/dl, this was a positive as it demonstrated I didnt have primary hypogoandism. Upon completing the power pct I tested my testosterone levels which was again around 600 ng/dl I believe

I waited approximately 9 months to make sure my testosterone levels were stable (they were) and then ran another cycle which lasted roughly 4 months, with hcg used alongside. Following this cycle I felt fine, i still performed a pct of clomid at 12.5mg eod for 4 weeks. I waited 2 months after my last clomid dose and my testosterone level was again around 600ng/dl (I was stupid and only teststed testosterone)

Around 4 months later I intended to do a cycle of testosterone only, however about a month into the cycle I decided this was not for me and do not intend to cycle anymore. I did use hcg for this month, and still did a pct afterwards of 12.5mg of clomid eod for a month. Fast forward 3 and a half months takes me to the present, I have recently had a blood test to check my levels. My results were as follows

Ttestosteorne -589 ng/dl
Free tesristeirone - 0.44 nmol/l
Lh - 5.44
FSH - 1.02
SHGB - 31
315 mu/l

Prolactin is high but still in range and my SHGB could be lower but other than that everything seems to be in good range except for my FSH which is low. I personally dont think it’s a case of primary hypogoandism as I do respond to the pct. Also the tests were done after a particularly stressful week which could have affected the results.

From what I’ve researched if FSH and LH are high and test is low this is primary, but my test isnt particularly low. Also my LH is normal so I’m not sure its secondary hypogoandism either. I am by no means an expert though so please correct me if I’m wrong. Basically I was hoping someone could help me understand why my FSH level is low and hownto increase it. Sorry for the long winded first post but any help would be much appreciated.

Just curious. If your test isn’t low, and you haven’t listed any negative symptoms, why does your FSH level need to be increased or even matter?

I am mainly concerned about my fertility, I haven’t had a semen analysis test done yet, but with my FSH being low I’m concerned my sperm cell count could be low and any potential future fertility problems which may arise

I don’t know what the ‘power PCT’ is, but this is a pretty low dose for real recovery. Usual for Clomid is 50mg daily for two weeks, then 25mg daily for 2 weeks. It’s possible you just didn’t use enough to really beef up LH and FSH