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Advice on Rate of Weight Gain?


This is a two-part question, but first some background.

Ive always been sorta skinny-fat, and for the past few years I have hovered around 170-190lbs and 13-15% fat. Im 5'10-11". Ive tried gaining weight in the past, but would always get stuck around 190-195. I was always trying the "clean bulks" and got nowhere. So recently I decided to go for an all out bulk, and have had pretty good successs.

Ive been bulking for 6 weeks, and have gained about 20lbs. I am now 210. I dont know my exact Bf as ive only tested it on a handheld thing, but have gotten readings between 16-20%.

Also, im not currently competing, but lately have gotten into lifting for strength, and am thinking of going into Pl'ing or strongman in the near future. I imagine I would want to compete in the 220lb weight class for PL'ing and 230 for strongman. (I think those are the weight classes) I know this would be still pretty light for me, but as time goes on, i'd go up in weight classes as needed.

So onto my questions.

1) Is there a certain rate of body-weight gain that someone like me should aim for? A certain amount per year? Or based on strength gains? Or an upper end BF% limit?

2) Im up 20lbs in BW and was thinking of stopping for a while at 215lbs and maintaining. Would it be a good idea to try to maintain 215 for a couple of months and continue to increase strength and drop fat slowly, or should I just continue to bulk?

3) Any other recommendations on my weight/BF? I know for a PL'er, especially an underweight, undermuscled one, that Bf shouldn't be a huge concern, but I am a personal trainer, so I want to at least keep myself presentable.

So thats the first part of my questions, and the second part more pertains to training, regardless of what im doing with my weight. Im currently doing a Westside style template, and am just geting started.

Ive seen "Westside for Fat Bastards" which is basically westside, with a bit extra RE work, and using supersets for assistance work.

Ive also read about what Dave Tate did, and it seems like higher volumes and less rest is the key here.

1) So what would you do to in my situation as far as training modifications to the westide template?

***Thx in advance. Im not looking for any rapid changes in Bf change, I just dont want to go overboard with fat gain if it isn't necessary. And I am still considered "skinny-fat" IMO and in need of strength increases.


You might do better in the BodyBuilding forum. Everyone knows that we're all fat here...


and too functional!!!


IMO......try to maintain the 210-215 body weight for six to eight months and see how strong you can get. Be sure you get adequate protien (1.5g/lb), at least 100g of good fats, a couple pieces of fruit a day, plenty of vegetables, and limit starches to use as fuel for training.

If you are just getting started....stick with the basic Westside for a few months to determine how you respond (keep a detailed log of the training, diet, and outside activities). If you are able to make measurable strength gains on the basic template stick with it; if not try the 'Fat Bastard' approach...once again keeping a detailed log.


Thx for the advice. I am going to try and clean up my diet a bit and stay around 210 for a while. I think i'll be able to greatly increase my strength and even muscle mass without adding more weight for a while.

Thx again.